green tax shift

Tax Shift Classics

Shifting taxes away from human initiative
and onto monopolization of natural resources,
pollution and government-granted privileges instead

Classics of Tax Shifting
  • Giving Life to the Property Tax Shift

  • Property Tax Shift Successes

  • Article in E Magazine talks about ecological tax reform. No big news, but it makes a nice introduction.

  • Paul Hawken's important article that appeared in early 1997

  • Here's a report from two April 1998 Tax Shift conferences

  • A review of the Citizens' Guide to Environmental Tax Shifting booklet

  • Tax Shift -- a report by Northwest Environment Watch. This is a great booklet, one of the top items published on the Green Tax Shift. Was written somewhat after, but published before, the Citizens Guide to Environmental Tax Shifting. Here's a review of the book.

  • We keep getting more requests for this Review of The Natural Wealth of Nations

  • Tax Shift Resources for You:

    What's New Policy Statements Organizations
    Tax Shift Background Commentary Green Economics

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