The Rights of Citizens: Banneker Center Survey #209

Economic Justice Survey

April Survey
Economic Power & Prosperity

Please send in your opinions. This brief survey will only take a few minutes. Thank you!

Which of these government actions would add the most to your country's economic prosperity?

spending no more than revenue
cutting corporate welfare
shifting tax burdens from penalizing initiative to penalizing privilege

Government policies play a much bigger role in determing a country's economic power than the country's size, location or population.

I agree with that statement
I disagree with that statement

Which is more important in determining a country's economic prosperity:

knowing the country's form(s) of government
knowing the country's form(s) of taxation

Suppose two countries had equal economic power, but A has more battleships than B. What would you expect to find?

More individual wealth in A
More individual wealth in B

People in Country A live longer, on average, than people in Country B. What would you most expect to find?

Less government spending in A
More government spending in A
Better education system in A
Worse education system in A

What would increase your country's economic prosperity the most:

Eliminate tariffs on imports
Eliminate subsidies to business
Eliminate all monopolies

A certain country eliminates slavery. What immediately happens to its economic power?

Its economic power is now greater
Its economic power is now less
Its economic power is unchanged

Which is most likely to hamper a country's economic power?

very poor people
very rich people

Thank you for participating!
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