The Role of Religion: Banneker Center Survey #206

Economic Justice Survey

January Survey
The Role of Religion

Please send in your opinions. This brief survey will only take a few minutes. Thank you!

The institution that should play the biggest role in the education of youth is:

the family
the government

Providing assistance to the indigent, poor, or destitute:

should be a top concern of religions
should be a concern of religions, but not a top concern
should be of little concern to religions

Religion is:

a fraud, an opiate to keep people down
necessary to the human soul and the human spirit's development
neither of the above
both of the above

How did you learn morals and values?

from religion
from family
from school
from peers or other individuals
from television and other media

Do you believe in a God or other supernatural being?

yes, in one god
yes, in more than one god

There is only one true religion.

yes, that is right
no, that is wrong

The three great monotheistic religious traditions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) are responsible for how much of the violence of the last 2,000 years?

less than 15%
more than 85%

A person's religion or lack of one should not affect how he or she is treated by the government or in education, hiring, housing, ability to marry, or treatment in the courts.

yes, that is right
no, that is wrong

Thank you for participating!
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