Health Care: Banneker Center Survey #203

Economic Justice Survey

October Survey
Health Care

Please send in your opinions. This brief survey will only take a few minutes. Thank you!

Absolutely every human being should have health care/medical insurance coverage if he or she wants it. No exceptions.

I agree with that
I disagree with that

For people who cannot afford health care/medical insurance coverage:

they could if they worked harder
charity should be able to give them coverage
the medical profession should give service anyway
government needs to play a role using tax money

If medical service providers stressed healthy habits and illness prevention, medical costs in most nations could be reduced by more than 50%.

That sounds right to me
That sounds wrong to me

The quality of my medical care should depend mainly on:

how much I can afford to pay
what country or region I live in
which government I have
it should be up to the medical profession
it should be up to the insurance profession

Suppose government decides to spend money on providing health care insurance to people who cannot afford their own. Where should that money come from?

a profits tax on the medical industry
a profits tax on the insurance industry
an income tax on all people with incomes
a site value tax on all site value owners
a sales tax on all buying and selling
a property tax on all property owners
a wealth tax on all asset owners

How should the government decide whether to intervene in a type of insurance?

It is never right for government to offer insurance of any kind; only the private market should do that
It is always right for the government to offer insurance in any market where it sees a reason to do so
Government should only offer insurance to protect the lives and health of citizens
Government should offer insurance to people whose income is below a certain amount
Government should offer insurance to people whose total assets are below a certain amount

If your government offers health care/medical insurance, is private insurance also available for those who wish it?


Hospitals should be privately owned and privately run.

Yes, that's right
No, they should be government-owned and government-run
I prefer to have some of each type

Suppose you go to a private hospital. Do you care whether it is a for-profit corporation, or a non-profit corporation?


Thank you for participating!
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