The Rights of Citizens: Banneker Center Survey #209
Economic Justice Survey

Results of April Survey
Economic Power & Prosperity

Thank you for your opinions. Here is what you said.

Which of these government actions would add the most to your country's economic prosperity?

11% said spending no more than revenue
33% said cutting corporate welfare
56% said shifting tax burdens from penalizing initiative to penalizing privilege

Government policies play a much bigger role in determing a country's economic power than the country's size, location or population.

78% said I agree with that statement
22% said I disagree with that statement

Which is more important in determining a country's economic prosperity:

11% said knowing the country's form(s) of government
89% said knowing the country's form(s) of taxation

Suppose two countries had equal economic power, but A has more battleships than B. What would you expect to find?

45% said More individual wealth in A
55% said More individual wealth in B

People in Country A live longer, on average, than people in Country B. What would you most expect to find?

24% said Less government spending in A
13% said More government spending in A
63% said Better education system in A
0% said Worse education system in A

What would increase your country's economic prosperity the most:

11% said Eliminate tariffs on imports
22% said Eliminate subsidies to business
67% said Eliminate all monopolies

A certain country eliminates slavery. What immediately happens to its economic power?

44% said Its economic power is now greater
23% said Its economic power is now less
33% said Its economic power is unchanged

Which is most likely to hamper a country's economic power?

45% said very poor people
55% said very rich people
0% said children
0% said elderly

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