Schooling and Education: Banneker Center Survey #202
Economic Justice Survey

Results of September Survey
Schooling and Education

Thank you for sending your opinions! Here is what you said.

How many years of schooling should government provide for free?

63% said none
0% said six
0% said nine
12% said twelve
25% said more than twelve

Should government levy a tax to help pay for schooling?

38% said yes
12% said it should not be necessary
50% said no

In a world with full economic justice, how much schooling would the average person receive compared to now?

51% said far less schooling
0% said slightly less schooling
12% said about the same as now
12% said slightly more schooling
25% said far more schooling

Suppose, by magic, everyone in the world suddenly gained three years of additional education. What would be the effect on wages and salaries?

13% said they would rise significantly
25% said they would rise slightly
62% said no change
0% said they would fall slightly
0% said they would fall significantly

Which level of government has the most legitimate interest in promoting education?

29% said local
29% said state/provincial/regional
0% said national
0% said international
42% said none

Who should pay the most for public education?

42% said the students themselves
29% said parents of the students
29% said other people

The costs of education should be paid by the direct and indirect beneficiaries.

72% said I agree with that
14% said I disagree with that
14% said Unsure

Suppose there is an excellent school nearby. Which of the following is most affected by it?

0% said my income
12% said my wealth
63% said my land value
0% said my business
25% said unsure

If government levies a tax to pay for schools, what is a logical source of that tax revenue?

0% said my income
12% said my wealth
63% said my land value
0% said my business
25% said unsure

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