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If you are a libertarian, what's your opinion of the following?

Property Rights:

"If production gives to the producer the right to exclusive possession and enjoyment, there can rightfully be no exclusive possession and enjoyment of anything not the production of labor; for the right to the produce of labor cannot be enjoyed without the right to the free use of the opportunities offered by nature. To admit the right of property in gifts of nature is to deny the right of property in the produce of labor. When nonproducers can claim a portion of the wealth created by producers, the right of the producers to the fruits of their labor is to that extent denied.

"Taxation, like slavery, is wrong because it seizes the fruits of someone else's labor without their permission. It makes no difference whether the tax collector is a government or a land holder; taxation is still wrong. Any institution that places a ny portion of the product of labor and/or capital into the hands of nonproducers is the moral equivalent of taxation. Public taxation is immoral and private taxation, recognized as such or not, is equally corrupt.

"Natural resources are not the fruits of human effort; capital is. Capital is not essential for human life; natural resources are. Natural resources are fixed in supply; capital is not. Capital holdings do not penalize or hamper the private producti on of wealth; natural resource holdings do. The just ownership of capital is demonstrable by tracing its origin in production; ownership of natural resources is demonstrable only by the say-so of the current government.

What's your reaction? Does the author sound like a libertarian? Why or why not?

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