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Control You?

Are you allowing anyone to control you? Is that person running your life? In some ways? Do you know who that person is?

If no person is controlling you, does any "substance" seem to have control over your will-power at times? Are you addicted to anything? Do these addictions make you think that you enjoy them? Why don't people quit taking any substances that they know is harming their bodys and eventually their minds?

That is the nature of the Beast! It makes us believe that we can quit any time we want to. We don't always notice the harm, until it's too late. It doesn't allow us to want to quit, with enough determination, so that we do quit.

These substances; tobacco, alcohol and the other drugs, have eaten up peoples entire savings and turned many people to crime to get more money to satisfy (attempt to satisfy) these cravings (addictions). Wouldn't you say that they are allowing these substances to control their lives. Yet they continually state that they won't let people control them. Aren't they allowing the substance Profiteers to control them?

These substances have the Power to make people ignore the brain-damage and body damage that these habits are nibbling away at.

These habits are eating up a lot of our time. Time in procuring, in using, in coming-down and in recuperating. This is time robbed from planning ones future and from preparing for it. All the time spent in thinking about "the habit" is time lost from figuring out how to succeed in what one really wants from life. That's why addicts are losers.

Advertising Field

In the advertising field the experts have found that by repeating an idea or a phrase often enough  people will eventually believe it, even if it is not true. They call this "repetitive" advertising. It is practiced in most advertising commercials.

People who are employed by the "System" to keep people "in-line" also use this "repeat" to train people to conform to certain behavioral patterns that benefit whoever is in control of the System.

This "repeat" process is used extensively in store-bought music. Listen closer to the lyrics. What is the System pushing? Do you really consciously agree with what the lyrics are saying? Are people gradually conforming to what they are hearing in music? Do you really want to be guided by the people who control and Profit from the music and video industry? Are you not capable of running your own life and thinking your own thoughts? Not many people are any more. They must have the radio, tape or TV on or a newspaper in hand most of the time. Why?


Even cows knew how to run their own lives and they survived nicely, before the farmers caught them and domesticated them. Are the "people-farmers" controlling most people today? Some of us are attempting to Escape and are learning how to be Free to think our own thoughts and do our own thing.

How are we Escaping? Our first realization is to stop absorbing the mass media, i.e., the media brain-washing, that probably includes all the music on the mass market.


But you say, "I like music. It makes me forget my troubles." Yah, it makes you forget to solve those problems and you continue to live with them. Where does that get you?

If you like music, get yourself a musical instrument and compose as you play. Make sounds that please you. Be your own mind-conditioner. If you can't play any instrument, get a good harmonica. Anyone can blow one and the price is right. Make your own pleasing sounds with no mind conditioning (suggestions) from the System. You will discover a wonderful new way to put yourself into any mood you choose. Listening to someone else make really good music is nice  but making ones own music is soooo much more satisfying. Being a do-er beats being a couch potato every time!

You don't want me to control your thinking. I don't want you to control my thinking. I don't wish to control anyones thinking. I'm only trying to wake people up to realize what the mass media is doing and to get them to think for themselves! We wish to be Free Beings under our own control. That is natural. But we have allowed the mass media to lead our thinking down whatever paths that keep the System in control.

We each have our own set of moral values and they are probably quite similar. We each use the Golden Rule to the best of our understanding of it. We have survived this far with it. But when we are submitting to one or more of our addictions, our common sense goes on vacation and we do things that we wouldn't do if our common sense hadn't taken a trip. After we come-down, our common sense returns and we often wish that we hadn't done or said what we did.


I talk from first hand experience. I have quit drinking many times and poured the balance down the drain. Eventually I begin to think I can handle it as a social drinker and have a few drinks again. Sooner or later I discover that I was wrong and I quit again. The AA may be right. That, first drink, is the one not to take!

I hadn't smoked pot for about eight years or more and I tried it twice recently, but have decided I like being off it better, so I will not take another hit. It is not worth it. Besides the price is way too high now. When I smoked it, a lid (a full ounce) was only ten dollars. That surely dates me.

Mystery Novels

Some of my favorite novelists, take Lawrence Sanders for instance, have their hero very often enjoying a cigarette and a cocktail or beer and music. Is that why I like his novels or does he really spin a good yarn? It is hard to read his novels and not desire a cigarette and a drink and desire some nice background music.

Sanders, in his McNally series, even portrays infidelity as a natural and fun thing to do. I wonder if Sanders knows what he is promoting? He must know what people like. He has 19 best sellers. Do we like to do these "no, no's" vicariously?

Will we eventually think that they are OK to do and begin doing them for real? I think that is what I did after 22 years of a happy marriage. What a sucker I was!


I've got to give Sanders credit though, for showing us what happens to an unwanted child in a marriage. In his book, McNALLY'S CAPER, he gives us some idea of how little Lucy, felt. It almost brought tears to my eyes. I really feel sorry for little children when they are not loved by their parents. It makes me work just a little bit harder to help create the Priceless Economic System. In the PES life would be so much better for parents. They would have more time to love and understand their children. Then there wouldn't be so much stress.

Some religious and Profit groups encourage more children even if they will become "unwanted children" and suffer from that syndrome all their lives. I wonder what their hidden motive is for encouraging the birth of unwanted children??? I'll bet these are the same people who encourage the government to send troops to foreign lands to kill the residents in order to save them.


I had been very happily married for 22 years. We were contentedly monogamous. We had a marvelous sex life and family life. Then I started to get ahead financially and got more Free time. Novels, movies and a friend with a mistress made me think I was missing out on a more-fun life.

I never even once suspected that the mass media had a heavy hand in controlling what I thought and did. I really trusted the media. If it was printed and published, I thought it had to be true. Oh, how naive I was.

So I told my wife that I was going to chase around with other women. She didn't like that idea, but I did it anyway for a couple of years. Then we separated and divorced in two years.

I learned the hard way that sex exercise is not nearly as good as sex with real love. My Ex got re-married. I couldn't blame her for that. We are still friends.

I decided about four years ago to wait for real love to happen again, instead of having one-night stands. Well, love hasn't found me yet. Maybe it will be; love at first sight, with a sailboat this fall, unless some loving active old grandma finds me first.

Live and Learn?

If I would have learned from the mistakes of others, I would have saved myself a lot of time. Twenty-seven years to be exact. That would have given me plenty of time to enhance the love we already had.

Now I sorely wish I had learned from the mistakes of others, and not believed the mass media's fantastic sex illusions. They were all wrong. Love and happiness are not built on sex. Fantastic sex is built on love. Love comes first regardless of what the promiscuous sex novels tell us.

Sex Profiteers

Just stop and note how much more Profit there is when people are dissatisfied with their sex lives. They get divorces. They then rent two apartments. They buy another set of furniture. They spend more money searching for sex in bars. They spend money with family counselors. Attorneys make more money. They have children problems. There is no end to the extra Profit made from unhappy people.

So which must the Profit System encourage, contentment and growth or dissatisfaction and search???


When I was in school and when in business, I worried about what other people thought about me. I tried to present an acceptable image.

Since I retired from the Rat Race, I could care less what people think about me. I don't have to please them any more to get the things I need. If you have the money, you can usually get what you want regardless of your image.

It is in the gathering of money where the image is important. Once one has gathered enough, he/she can say, "To Hell with a conforming image. I'll just be me!"

So I say again, if you want this kind of Freedom:

  1. Discover what your best abilities are.

  2. Learn a way to make money using them.

  3. Get rid of your addictions.

  4. Get rid of your debts.

  5. Live cheaply.

  6. Save money regularly.

  7. Invest it in something you have expertise in and can control.

  8. Let your money work for you.

  9. Take a short retirement every once in a while to re-evaluate your life and the System. Figure out better and faster ways to beat the System.

Using these methods you'll be able to Retire permanently at a much younger age than your contemporaries. Then you'll have 24 hours a day to really explore your brain, the System and the wonderful world all around us.


I've been saving all my cash register receipts for groceries for the last 2 1/2 months.

It really surprised me yesterday when I totalled them. I reported in the LFP in about 1990 that I was spending only about $50 per month on groceries. And I supposed my expenditure was still around that amount.

I average $115.48 per month now. Has there been that much inflation or am I eating differently. Probably both. I'm going to watch my food purchases a little closer this month. "Waste not  want not." I like to save my pennies, so that I don't have to get back into the Rat Race for a few more years. I want to use some of them to buy that sailboat I've been dreaming about for sooooo long.


Dear Ernest,

Thank you so much for the latest LFP. I always look forward to it. I think your new perspective on Personal Independence is a good one. I've been having similar thoughts myself. I don't think I should be spending too much time on activism when I'm not even living up to my own ideals. So I'm simplifying my life more and more, spending time only on what I really want to do.

I've enclosed the HUMANURE HANDBOOK information. You are the first person to actually write and order it since I started making it available. I have used this method with success. This spring I will plant a garden with the compost and hopefully grow my own food. I noticed you mentioned the use of methane gas; if you have any information on how to make use of methane from excrement, please let me know. (if anyone has any info, please let Brendan know)

I am also enclosing information on BioDiesel. I saw a video called "Fat of the Land" made by 5 women who drove a diesel van cross-country powered by home-made Biodiesel  a fuel whose main ingredient is used vegetable oil, which can be gotten for free at fast food restaurants. The fuel runs in unconverted diesel engines. There is still some cost and some pollution with this method, but far less than fossil fuels.

I've also included information about "Food Not Bombs," "The ABC's of Squatting," (super article) ways of providing food and housing outside the money system.

Julie Summers is a good person to communicate with regarding simple living. (Perhaps you recall the article in NEAR MISS #3) Her address is Box 190, Philomath, OR 97370. (Also the address for Dwelling Portably, a great simple living zine.)

Brendan Conley (NEAR MISS),

Box 528, Bronx, NY 10454

Brendan sent me a copy of the essential chapter of the HUMANURE HANDBOOK on how to make toilets where you catch your waste and use it for compost instead of dumping it in your drinking water supply. He asks $1 for copy cost, but his postage was $1.24. It is a great article with instructions if you plan to garden.

Zine Reviews

RIPENING SEASONS, Irv Thomas, 6545 Ravenna Avenue NEE, #307, Seattle, WA 98115 (Donation) Irv's #11 just arrived. Four pages of interesting thoughts on life. This issue also talks about Internet and the why and wherefore of getting into it. Reading this zine is like sitting down with a wise old man and visiting. Always mellow and sharing.

SERF'S UP!, Andy Zarowny, Box 34695, Detroit, MI 48234 ($2) v2n8 In this issue Andy did an interview with John Haynes, the editor of YOUR FREEDOM. Anyone who can see the value in John's paper has got smarts. Andy talks about a game called "SUZERAIN"@. He also talks about a different money system.

THE REAL DEAL, Keith Robb, 1216 Lincoln Avenue, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, 44223-2227 ($2) #4, 8 pages. This new paper seems to be exploring Freedom and our lack of Freedom. The intelligent thought-out views are from several different authors. It also has an excellent underground paper review section.

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