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Dear Ernest,

... It seems to me that you would like to see the world adopt the Priceless Economic System in some kind of referendum, that you envision a quick and complete changeover to PES. Do I have that right? I suspect that a change to PES will happen gradually, one person at a time. If PES happens it will happen in a slow and organic manner rather than by some kind of plebiscite; at least I can envision it happening that way.

Best wishes,


Could PES Start Soon?

Yes, some people are already working and planning their lives toward a Personal Independence System. It is something that they are achieving in their own lives right now. People do this in all "hard-times" eras. People start doing things for their own survival. It was like this in the 1930's. People were becoming more Independent just to survive. Then the economy got better and people went back into debt up to their eyeballs. Debt = Servitude! Debt means that you are in debt to someone. It means that you have promised to pay them back. It means that you MUST work for someone to get the money to pay them. A slave MUST work. A person Free of debt, has a choice.

In the first place, I think people must realize that slavery exists with a job-for-pay. That, when you take pay -- you must obey! If we don't realize the nature of the Game, we soon get sucked back into wage-slavery to get more of those shinny toys, beads and mirrors in exchange for months or years of our life. We sign our self into indentured slavery for the length of the loan or mortgage. In the case of rent, we sign into indentured slavery for life.

So, if our "motive" for Independence is to keep out of slavery, then we may succeed. Some of us are learning to be more Independent, but we still must use some money, so we can't get entirely Free.

On the other hand if the change-over to the Priceless Economic System and the Personal Independence System were to happen quickly by some kind of plebiscite, just think what a wonderful world we could all begin living in very soon. Surely it would be worth while, merely because it would end wars and taxes! (Some back issues of LFP explain more about PES-PIS.)


The simple old-fashioned "people's grapevine" spreads jokes and gossip across the world in just a few weeks. Perhaps that is what could be used to spread the idea of the PES-PIS. When enough people were discussing and arguing the PES-PIS, the world's plebs would soon figure it out and demand a vote on it. If we don't raise a finger to help make the idea known, we certainly can't expect a quick change-over, can we? So really, it is up to us few, who know about the idea -- either we help spread the idea or we just don't get a world-wide Utopian type of world to live in. But if we try -- we might just do it! What have we got to lose?

This gamble is much better than what the gambling casinos and the lotteries offer. With those you lose every time you pays your money. Once in a while you win a little spit-in-the-ocean. But gambling with the PES-PIS, you don't lose. As you play the PIS Game, you steadily win more Independence. If you win in the PES Game, you get the "jack-pot" and create Utopia. Then everyone wins along with you. Seems like pretty good odds to me. I believe even Buckminster Fuller would have liked this Game.

Because I got myself out of the Rat Race 27 years ago, I have had more Free time than most people to examine and figure things out.

I went to college for a little while but they keep me too busy, learning how to be a useful slave, to discover how the Profit/Wage System really worked and who controlled it. They didn't teach the truth about that. In fact that truth was very well concealed. With my 24 hours per day of Free time since 1969, I have learned some of the secrets of how the Profit/Wage System works and who controls it.

I encourage people to pursue the PIS to gain the Free time to think and then to help change the entire world to the PES-PIS.

A Long Enough Lever<br>

Could Lift the Earth

Those of us with lots of Free time could become very powerful levers, to help tip the scales for a wonderful exciting future for all human kind.

We have the time to think for ourselves. We are learning what is best for an individual.

What is best for an individual is best for society.

If all individuals are happy being Free, then society is happy, right? We have been taught, just the opposite, "What is best for the most people is best for all people, and to heck with the few who don't agree." They call that Democracy, with a majority vote, to determine and control how slaves will live. The super-rich people don't seem to be governed by the democracy rules. Democracy is a set of rules for slaves in a slave state, that the slaves have been led to believe, they rule. Slaves ruling slaves. Does that sound contradictory? How about Free people ruling Free people? More contradiction?

Create Slaves?

All you need to do is make someone dependent on you. If they are dependent on you long enough, they forget how to take care of them self. Then you have a slave to do your bidding.

The trouble is, a slave-chain has two ends. You are on the other end. Now you must guide your slave. For me, guiding a slave is not worth the work they do.

How to Help

If we don't like things the way they are, we can't expect them to get any better for us, if we don't do something to make them better. We have tried hiring politicians to make things better for us ... they made things better for rich people and for politicians. Is it wise to continue this practice?

Helping to change the world into Utopia, starts with just telling a friend about the PES-PIS. Just asking them for their opinion about PES and PIS. Everyone loves to give their opinion. If you ask, "What is your opinion on the PES-PIS?" They would then ask you to explain what the PES-PIS is all about. It creates a perfect opening for you to hand them some literature on PES-PIS while you're explaining. Perhaps you could take articles from different LFP'S and paste them together and make copies to give to those who ask. Or you might like to write it in your own words to clarify it for them and make copies of that. If you come up with something that works and wish to share it with other LFP readers, send me a copy and I'll include it in the LFP, with credit to you, or to anonymous.

If we share these ideas with people near home and some across the country and in other countries, we give these ideas more chance to spread. The multiple progression of numbers joins our efforts.

Mass Media

The media has done a fantastic job in keeping people busy with trivia, i.e., things that really don't matter, and with world-wide news that people can't do anything about (except worry). The media keeps people too busy to figure out a better lifestyle for themselves. Divorce the mass media and marry yourself! Be good to yourself! Jump over the Rat Race and you can Win!

Book Thief

The book-thief news clipping I sent out was about the prisoner who wrote the letter published in LFP #130. To stumble on to that clipping was such a coincidence, I thought you might be interested. I very rarely read the Minneapolis paper that I found it in.

Rich Guys

For the past 27 years, why haven't the super-rich people stopped my LFP expose' of the Profit/Wage System? I think it is because they would like to see the PES happen too, only they just don't think people are worth the effort to "give" them Freedom. Perhaps they know that you can't "give" anyone Freedom, because someone else would just take it away from them again. No! People have to "take" Freedom or they won't know how to keep it!

The super-rich must look at us, as a farmer looks at his domesticated animals. He figures they would starve if he set them Free. But if they became smart enough to get Free, they might be smart enough to survive. Thus, less burden for the caretakers.

Most of us Super-Chimpanzees, who have been corralled into cities, have forgotten where the bananas and nuts grow. We have forgotten how to take care of ourselves. Now we must be herded, directed and cared for. Not so different from cows. Even cows were once Independent and took care of their own survival. If cows did it, maybe humans could.

Radicals have led us to believe that the Super-Rich people are bad guys. I'm not sure they're bad. I should think they would be exasperated at how dependent we have become. We now even want "them" to take-care-of our health, too.


The Personal Independence System is a lifestyle where one strives to become as self-sufficient as possible in regard to all survival necessities. This includes the three basics; food, shelter and clothing. So that in case of a complete collapse of the world-wide Profit Wage Economic System, one could still survive nicely without a job and without government, money, credit or barter. That would be Independence!!!

Our last collapse was in 1929/1930. It is about due again. If you were in debt like governments are now, how much longer would your creditors wait? Get prepared!

A. First get out of debt, one way or another.

1. Save up some money and buy some land and build a shelter from the materials already there. Shelters take many forms. Some are made from: logs, boards, stones, clay bricks, sod, rammed earth, straw bales, bark, mud and twigs, etc. Grow your own food and wool, down and leather for clothing. Or,

2. Become a nomad. People are finding ways to live rent-free and tax-free on deserts, in forests, in abandoned buildings, on lakes, on rivers, in swamps, on mountains and on the oceans. (I plan to do it on a sailboat on the oceans in less than a year from now.) Or,

3. What options can you add?

B. For the things that you can't provide for yourself, cooperate with other PIS people to produce them. Or take a job for a short time in the P/WS to get money to buy what you can't produce for yourself.


In order to keep the PES free from domination by some super con-artists, I think we must each become expert in the PIS so that we have the Independence and Freedom to say "No!" to a potential dominator.

The Priceless Economic System is an economic system where all work is done by volunteers and all products and services are free of charge to everyone.

Some people call this a "Gift Economy." It is more than that. People do enjoy giving and receiving gifts, but this is also an economy where people get pleasure in doing their work. They produce because they get lots of good feelings from the work they chose. They get added satisfaction from "giving" to people who desire their product or service. Giving is lots more fun than selling. Getting something for Free is much more fun than buying. The PES is based on cooperation, instead of competition. With cooperation, everyone is a winner!

Industry and huge farms would not be owned by anyone, but would be "used" by whoever worked there. People's labor built everything -- money built nothing.

With the PES, there is no need for a government of any kind.

No money, credit or barter.

With everything Free of charge, there is no reason to steal or start wars. No need for an army.

This Earth has an abundance of natural resources for everyone. With the PES, there will be no Profit in making some of them scarce, nor in hoarding them.

All education would be voluntary and fun. Free on-the-job training for anyone who wanted it. People would work at jobs that they enjoyed doing. Shitty jobs would be automated or ended.

No budget limitations for inventors, research people or anyone.

Free travel with no need for passports nor border guards.

Free drugs. No need to rob and kill to get money for drugs. Kill yourself with drugs if you want to.

No more need for jobs in advertising or for salespeople, banks, insurance, bookkeepers, mafia, spies, crooks, tax accountants, politicians, bureaucrats and other useless jobs.

No more Profit in polluting.

No status or Profit in taking "too much" free stuff. Too much then becomes a burden.

Free hospitals and all Free medical care.

No written laws. No lawyers. Total Freedom of religion for everyone.

No taxes, rent or payments of any kind.

Total Freedom for everyone to experiment with the Golden Rule to learn first-hand how it works.

In the PES, where we cooperate instead of compete, friendships will be much easier. We will discover friends to be more dear to us, than money ever was.

Family Life

We had better start patching up our family relationships and start learning how to get-a-long together. Come the next Depression ... families will be drawn back together. We'll work together and share in order to survive when government checks and pensions stop supporting us and jobs become impossible to find. Just ask some old people what it was like in the 30's.

DDT Photo

In the National Geographic, February, 1996, they had an old photograph of a billowy DDT cloud being sprayed over a beach and lots of beachgoers in New York. The spray-truck sign read "Harmless to Humans." This was a 1945 mosquito-control project.

DDT was finally banned in the USA in 1972.

How many more of the chemical Corporations' poisons are going to test out as dangerous to humans in 27 more years?

We just can't trust these legal entities called "Corporations." Their owners (stockholders) are mainly concerned with the bottom-line. These billionaires only care about PROFIT! They don't care one damn bit about slaves. There are plenty more.

This is just another reason why PIS and PES are important projects to push, if we wish to survive with a healthy body and stable mind.


In LFP #131, I misquoted lines from Lord Alfred Tennyson's poem, "The Charge of the Light Brigade." My quote should have read:

"Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do and die."

What a seer Tennyson was in 1855. Can you see soldiers are still doing it? Can you see how employees (slaves) are still doing it? They take pay and they must obey and dare not ask the reason why.

Independent people can damn well ask the reason why! And not have-to, "do and die" for a Corporation.

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1-30-96 Ernest Mann

In 1980, there were 84 million volunteers in the USA. I guess that proves people are willing to work without pay. There were 117 million jobs in the USA in 1990. Buckminster Fuller said that 90% of the jobs are unnecessary. That leaves 11.7 million necessary jobs. That means we already have over 7 volunteers for each necessary job.