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Can This Be True?

Am I the cumulative effect of all the thoughts that have passed through my mind? Have those thoughts made me into whatever I am today? Most of these thoughts were created (or at least effected) by what I have seen, heard, read and felt. All of this was recorded in my mind's memory bank. Much is still available for recall. And probably much more is available to my subconscious to use as it will. Can this be true?

If this is true, then I should be more careful about what I allow my mind to think about. Has my health been effected by my thoughts? John A. Schindler, M.D. in his book, HOW TO LIVE 365 DAYS A YEAR, (1954), shows us how our thoughts effect our pituitary gland. The pituitary is a small but major control center in the middle of our brain. It controls the adrenalin gland and several other glands that control our health. This book helps one understand the major role that our thoughts play to keep us healthy or to actually make us sick. It was surely a God-send to find this book. I can't recommend it enough. It is still in print, so I bought one for each of my kids. Now, about two years later, two of them have started to read it and admit they like it.

Enough about health. Now, how do our past thoughts effect our personality? For instance, do the people who thrive on Rap music become mean and hateful personalities? I have seen people effected that way. Does the mood, music sets and do the lyrics get recorded in our memory bank like everything else? If so, then we have more reason to be very discriminating on what we allow into our thoughts.

You Are What You Thought!

I awoke from an astonishing dream this morning. I dreamt that I was standing with a few other people around a circle. We were becoming aware of our Power to concentrate our thoughts so intensely that they became realities. That is, we could create things or situations by concentrating on them.

The dream was perhaps something I picked-up from the book, SPHERE, by Michael Crichton, that I read months ago. The alien sphere in that novel taught people to manifest intense thoughts into reality.

In my dream, if I would intensely concentrate all my thinking on one thing ... whatever I was thinking about, would materialize before me. Garsh, if I could do that, it would be a handy ability to have. I wouldn't need to walk to the grocery store or the bank any more. I might not even have to go to the bathroom any more.

But you know, there was a lot of truth in that dream. It is true to a certain extent. If I concentrate even a little bit, on the dirty dishes in the sink, it is not long before I get up and wash them. If I concentrate on my desire for ice cream, it isn't long before I'm walking to the store to buy some. So my focused thought soon becomes a reality.

Watch Out!

I suppose we had better watch and become aware of what we concentrate on, because we will probably move our bodies sooner or later, in that direction and materialize those thoughts.

By writing down bits and pieces of that vivid dream, more of it is coming back to me. And a new realization is dawning on me -- "We become what we think!" "We become what we think!" "We become what we think about!" Victor Lindlar wrote a book, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. That book had a lot of truth in it too. But our thinking is what determines what we eat.

Most of the time our five senses (maybe our sixth sense, too) guide most of our thinking. We think most about what we see and hear, I suppose. If we are seeing or/and hearing the mass media, then our thinking is being guided by whoever controls the mass media. Do you suppose the poor people control the mass media? Or is it vise-a-versa?

Even those of us who don't absorb much of the media have most of our thinking led by what we see and hear. On rare occasions we manage to focus our thinking on one idea and accomplish something for our own benefit.

Surviving, writing and publishing the LFP are the major focal points in my life at this time. But, most of the time my mind is fluttering from one thing to another that happens to come into my line of vision or hearing. If I directed my thinking on sports and on their scores and on the wars and the latest political blunderers and the other violence on the news or on the soap-box operas, I probably wouldn't manifest the LFP or much of anything, except a couch potato.

The things that we concentrate our thinking on, usually happen. I concentrated on making money in my younger life, and I did it. I later concentrated on Escaping the Rat Race and I did it. I am Free enough now to do almost anything, within the limits of my money and my ability to live on very little of it. The more I concentrate on it the more I learn to enjoy life without allowing money to be the deciding factor.

Focus On What?

If I hadn't yet figured out what I wanted from life, I think I would concentrate my thoughts on discovering what choices I had. I would spend lots of time in the library doing research. I might even take a trip to a big city library to get more information.

[God! My grandson hates it when I give him advice. I just hope you LFP readers don't feel as he does or I really should quit writing the LFP, because I just love to give advice. It gives me good feelings to think I may be helping someone. Is that a proper slave attitude or is it just a grandpa attitude? Or am I just an average old fuddy-duddy? If you don't want to read my advice, please let me know or skip over it.

The LFP is directed at anyone who can read, young and old and all those in between. Some of the young people think my ideas are really stupid. They think that older people are senile and crazy, if we prefer not to conform to whatever is "politically-correct."

I wonder if young people have sufficiently squelched most old people's ego to the point where they have given up on trying to share their knowledge, wisdom and short-cuts and created rest-homes to Escape to? Perhaps we old fogies need more patience. These kids will grow-up mentally, some day, we hope. There may be a time when they will understand what we have tried to teach them. That's why, I think, it's important for us to get our ideas down on paper, where they have a little better chance of surviving. When we are dead and gone, our ideas may still help some people.

An underground paper, newsletter or zine is a way to record our ideas. A book is even better. A typewriter or a computer make a readable record. Copy machines are a cheap way to multiply distribution. Offset printing makes a more long-lasting record. Offset, doesn't crack off at the folds.]

When I was young I took some vocational aptitude tests to see where my abilities were the strongest. I was told my best bets were law or sales. I chose sales and mostly self-taught myself from books and trial and error.

After you choose a path in life, if you find out later that it was the wrong path, you can always change paths and you will have learned something. Probably no one path will take you all the way. There is nothing wrong with changing paths.

Not choosing a path is almost as bad as not breathing,

because then you just don't make any headway.

Choose a path, then you have something to focus your thinking on and then you have a good chance to manifest it.

Be aware of the plan to; "check-up-on what you are thinking about," and do it every once in a while. It helps one to re-focus on what he/she really wants to get out of life. Most of us have a short attention-span, unless we get whole-heartedly into some thinking that interests and inspires us. If we focus on manifesting what we want from life, that should interest us.

A Friend Asked ...

"In the Priceless Economic System and the Personal Independence System, what if someone had a large suite of rooms in a grand hotel with a hot tub and a sauna, wouldn't he be able to get his pick of girl friends? Wouldn't everyone want the best and the biggest house or apartment?" This is the way people are in the Profit/Wage System.

Let's say that everyone in the world agreed to change-over to the PES-PIS on the first day of next month. So on the first of next month; all debts would be canceled, people would all work without pay and everything would be Free for everyone. So we would each own the place we lived, as long as we cared to live there. When we moved out we would leave an "Empty" sign on the door and add it to the "housing-available" list on the computer Internet. We would move into an Empty that we chose from a sign or the computer and remove it from the "available" list. How simple.

I suppose you could say that we own the house or apartment as long as we chose to live there, but we wouldn't have all the hassles of selling it when we moved out. Nor the hassles of rent or mortgage payments. Getting back to the question, "Would a bigger and finer suite or house attract more potential mates?" Let's look at how things would change in the PES-PIS. Men would have to learn how to treat women as Equals or most women would move out and into a place of their own. Women and children would have Equal rights with men for the first time. So to have happiness, men and women would have to learn how to treat each other, at least as good as they wish to be treated. That has been called the Golden Rule, and it works and always has worked, for those who practice it.

In the PES-PIS, I expect that dating will become a whole new ball game. I can't even imagine how we will evolve in that area. That could be a book by itself. But I don't think that someone with the best Free house or the best Free apartment is going to get the best dates. In the PES-PIS, we won't be competing any more. We will discover that cooperating gives us better feelings. Then we will all be winners, as Buckminster Fuller recommended not so long ago.

Refuse to Change?

Grandson stated, "You can never get all the people in the world to agree on one thing. So you are going to have a lot of fighting if you change over with a majority vote. A lot of people will refuse to change." I beg to differ! Everyone in the world has agreed to use the Money System, haven't they? So why not the other way around?

Do you hit someone who gives you something for Free? Do you punish an employee who refuses to take his/her paycheck? Is there any way a Big Corporation employer can stop his/her employees from giving their products or services away for Free? Especially when money won't hire police persons or thugs any more. Stockholders own the corporations and they won't need money any more when everything is Free, so why would they care?

Free people wouldn't fight the money-minded people. They would let them play their money Game with each other. Money people would soon discover how useless their money Game had become. The people who are winners in the Money Game are smart people. Let's face it! They may be smart enough to be good players in the Free Game too. They may be able to gain respect, admiration and status in the Free Game by doing good things for people instead of the bad things they do now that give them status, i.e., lots of money, in the Money Game.

Or as I have said before, some of us are already practicing the PES to some extent, by giving our product or service for Free. We are not experiencing any problems. On the contrary -- we are experiencing more Freedom and are having more fun in our work. Free workers have more Power and control over their work and their lives. People don't object to getting something for Free. In fact, many people try to give something Free back to me. I can't really see a potential problem in changing to the PES-PIS.

My Life

I made whole wheat bread for the third time and it was the best yet. I followed the recipe precisely but the dough was too dry and difficult to mix. Next time I'll add extra water and extra milk to the recipe. I used the full recipe this time and made two loaves. It took 6 1/2 cups of ww flour. Say, that bread is heavy! Just the way I like it. One slice and you know you've had something to eat! That store bought ww bread is mostly air and has nowhere near the good flavor of home-made bread.

We had a big blizzard here last night (14" more snow) and it is still going this noon. For the first time, I adjusted my ski bindings to fit my boots and shuffled on my down-hill skis two blocks to the mobile-home park's group of mail boxes and mailed a letter. Then home and then two more blocks to Hardee's to get some coffee and to proof this paper. I was going against a 23 m.p.h. wind, snow and a -40o wind chill. I eventually got there, but it was closed. Lots of roads may not have been plowed yet or had drifted in again. I rested behind a wind break (I'll be 69 this month) and then shuffled home. There was no hill, so no free ride.

My Trailer Home

I had some anxieties about this trailer. You may remember I only paid $500 for it. We have had some -28o weather and some very strong winds. I worried about grandson's and my safety and comfort. But I'm feeling more confidence in the trailer now. It is keeping us warm and cozy. The highest heating bill (city gas) so far is $82 for the latest month's bill (Dec 7 to Jan. 10). Minnegasco noted in their bill that they have raised their rate four cents per therm (whatever that is). It sure makes me mad to be using gas and be in a monopoly's clutches! Just another reason to keep up my search for 40 acres of wooded land so that I can cut my own wood for fuel. It really erks me to be dependent on a monopoly for anything. They are mean and mercenary! I hate being under their control enough to find a way around them.


I ain't perfect. I read a lot of science fiction and spy books.

I suppose that most books are part of the mass media. To get wide-distribution, a book's contents must be in line with what Big Corporations benefit from. I think that is why neither the big publishers nor the big distributors will handle my books. They do not conform!

When I was in the Rat Race, I only had time to read non-fiction books. Now I have Free time and I find pleasure and diversion in fiction. I expect I get influenced by them, but at least if I think an author is trying to influence me in a bad way or I just don't care for his/her style, I quit reading it. I don't think they can put subliminals in books without pictures. I look for authors that I enjoy reading and also check out ones I haven't read yet.

I keep an alphabetical list of the authors and books I've read since about ten years ago. It was mind-blowing to count them today. 294 different science fiction authors and 906 SF books. 59 other authors and 182 other (mostly fiction) books. I surely never had the time to read like this when I was in the Rat Race. Perhaps half of these books I only had to read a couple of dozen pages to find out I didn't like them. With this alphabetical list, I'm able to check on books at a sale or in the library, to see if I like the authors and also to see if I've already read them.

Here in Minnesota, rummage sale paper-back books usually go for 25 cents each. My reading entertainment doesn't cost me very much. I've read nearly all of the science fiction books in our Little Falls library. I don't care for science fantasy. After each book on my list, I have a code letter to signify how I rated it. It's easy to keep a list up to date with a computer.

Since I've been keeping track, the last eight years, I've received and read or skimmed nearly 2,000 different underground papers and zines. I sent them each an LFP.

Some of them are still publishing and exchanging with me. The good ones I read. The rest I skim.

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1-22-96 Ernest Mann

Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking, by Meta Givens, J.G. Ferguson and Assoc. (1953) 100% Whole Wheat Bread, page 538.