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Die for Your Leader?

I've just finished reading an exciting science fiction book called, TO SAVE THE SUN by Ben Bova and A. J. Austin (1992). It has people in it that are so devoted to their Emperor that they are willing to die for him. They show respect and even love for him. Complete servitude! The author makes this servitude seem like the natural and right way for everyone to live. Most of the billions of people from a hundred planets showed this love and respect and humility for their Emperor, as if having a ruler was a necessary thing that beings have always had, have wanted, always will have and could not exist without.

It shows the private life of this Emperor and tells us what a magnificent and nice guy he is.

This book shows another man just as devoted, to his cause. The author tries to show that it is also a natural thing to be willing to die for a "cause."

Most spy stories make it seem natural for spies to have devotion to their government leaders. In war stories the heros' usually show devotion to their country or their cause.

The war novels make war seem inevitable and a natural phenomena, so we don't stop to ask the questions, "Who starts the wars?" and "Why do they start wars?" I know damn well that I don't start them! Do you? The serfs certainly didn't start the wars centuries ago.

Are the "Powers that be" getting us ready to accept hereditary Kings and an Emperor again? If so, why?

"It is not yours to ask why ... but yours to do or die!" I wonder where that came from?

For some reason (perhaps the cumulative effects of reading many novels of this kind) my mind has finally awakened to this type of mind-conditioning, which tries to make us believe that it is natural and always has been, to have leaders.

When one thinks about government leaders, one does not stop and say:

"I am my own leader! I know better than anyone else what is best for me! I was born to lead myself! I will not pay taxes to have someone lead me! I will learn how to be Independent! I am not a piss-ant! I refuse to continue to act like a slave!"

No! These thoughts do not even occur to us do they? Why not?

The feelings of being Free have been totally erased from our species memory. We have no racial recall of what a Free Being feels. The super-rich people no-doubt know this Freedom feeling and it is passed on from generation to generation of their families.

This book shows the Emperor making decisions, with advice from his specialists and the cooperation of his sub-leaders, that effect one hundred planets and all their inhabitants. The author convinces us that the Emperor has the necessary wisdom to lead all these people.

Because of all of our mind-conditioning it is difficult to imagine a world without a Ruler. Since the beginning of written history we have been led to believe that we have always had Rulers of one sort or another.

No Ruler?

What would the world be like without Rulers to direct nations and sub-rulers all the way down from federal, state, county to city and village Rulers? Could we continue to live without these Rulers?

At first thought it seems that we must have them, doesn't it, regardless of how much we detest their blunders? (A Minnesota Congressman has just resigned, because he was caught shoplifting in Painsville.)

Let's look at a situation where there would be no government and no Rulers and no Laws. Let's start at the bottom of the Power pyramid, where we are. Let's look at our own daily life. What decisions are the Rulers making? I just finished skimming Section A (14 pages) of the Star Tribune of Minneapolis for 1-10-96. There were 31 articles involving Leaders. I could not see that these leaders' decisions and/or actions were anything that people really needed. In fact we would be much better off without those decisions and actions. Because I very seldom read the mass media, I found this search through 14 pages of newsprint extremely boring. It was also disgusting, to be reminded that we have been dumb enough to put up with such a System.

Do we (you and I and each other Individual person) really need or want some leader at the top of a pyramid of Power planning and setting the direction of our own future? The nation-wide and world-wide plans these leaders are making will trickle-down and effect each one of our lives. Is there anyone (including computers) that is wise enough for that job? Even God himself, is doing a damn poor job of it. Just look at all the suffering some people have had and are having! "I would rather do it myself, Mother!"

We each have the Power to plan our own future and work that plan to create the kind of future we desire for our self. Do we really want stupidass-crooked-politicians meddling with our future? If we are so dumb that we can't wipe our own ass, then I suppose we do. It is much easier to say, "Yes, Sir!" This is what most people say, rather than figure things out for themselves. They are kept too busy trying to pay their bills and deciding what to buy next.

But some of us are Escaping from the Rat Race and are beginning to discover that we just don't need, nor want a government, nor do we wish to help pay the trillion dollars a year for the privilege of having slave masters.

Without governments, people will make their own decisions. The people who make or raise the products and provide the services will make all the decisions in their own fields based on the natural Laws of Supply and Demand. (They will supply enough to meet the demand.) They have no need for an outsider to govern them. With no monetary Profit from their work there will be no reason to cheat, lie, deceive or produce inferior products or services.

Police & Laws

What about having police to protect us from the bad guys? And laws to keep people in line?

Without government, i.e., laws and police, in the Priceless Economic System and in the Personal Independence System, people would very soon learn for themselves which of their words and actions brought a friendly response from others.

People all seek happiness. They will learn that meanness on their part will not bring a favorable response from others. In the PES & PIS there won't be a reason to steal when everything is Free. This was the prime motive for 94% of the people who filled the prisons and jails in the U.S.A. in 1980

In the PES & PIS it will be natural for neighbors to help and defend each other from crazy people. Life will be so good in the PES & PIS that there may not be any people going crazy, to Escape, as there are in the Profit System. There won't be a reason (Profit) to hoard land. So everyone will have access to a Free piece of land to live on and experience the joys and Independence of raising their own good healthy food and family. People won't be forced to live in the Rat-box cities where they are dependent, starved, hassled and harassed until they become deranged and sometimes mean.

There will be no Profit in starting wars and sending our young people off to kill and be killed. Nations will no longer need to be afraid or hateful of one another.

Factories will no longer Profit by polluting our air, land and water. When everything, including labor is Free, it will make more sense to reclaim and recycle all waste material, so that pure water at natural temperature comes out of their sewer pipe and only pure air leaves their chimneys. When people have the choice, they do not piss and shit in their own drinking water!


And what a relief it will be not to have elections of rulers. And not to have any more advertising. And to have a totally enjoyable voluntary educational system. And to be able to work at something one enjoyed doing and to get Free on-the-job training if one wanted it.

Oh why, oh why, do we not change-over immediately to this preferable system of PES & PIS???

I'll tell you why! People don't know about it! Let's inform them! LET'S DO IT!!!

I suppose our current form of Government is merely a costly sophistication of the old-time King's soldiers enforcing his Rules and collecting his Taxes. At that time people knew that they were just serfs (slaves) and just obeyed or Escaped.

Today, the slaves think that they are Free, as they go to the polls and elect some flunkies to carry out the wishes of the super-rich people to Govern us as they see fit. They don't carry out the wishes of us poor people, I've noticed. They surely have done a thorough job of brain-washing us.

Hard to Conquer

A world without a leader would be very difficult to conquer, I think. There would be no leaders to subvert or to command to say, "We surrender!" Each person would have to be conquered individually. That might be more difficult than potential conquerors would care to attempt. They couldn't hire soldiers any more, to fight and die for them, when no one needed the money (which wouldn't buy anything anyway).


Once one is able to see the obvious wage-slavery we are in, then one can begin planning and working toward Freedom. Every since I discovered the PIS in LFP #124 I have been talking about how to get Free of this world-wide Dependency System that I call the Profit/Wage Economic System.

The biggest secret, I think, is to learn how to get the essentials one needs to live -- without using money or barter, i.e., to become as Independent of the Money System as one can possibly become. This means becoming Independent of other people as well. It also means getting out of debt.

Gaining the Personal Independence System for oneself is not something that can be done all at once, unless you have lots of money. It is like many other good things, it must be done a step at a time.

Gain Independence in one tiny area of your life at a time. Each step we take gives us a little more Freedom (and more Free time) and this gives us more hope and encouragement to go for the next step that we can see, to get even more Free of our slavery to money, government and those people who control both.

We are not Free, as long as someone can say to us, "If you don't obey me or if you don't pay me, you can't have ....!" Also remember, "When you take pay, you must obey!"

Home Life

In the PES & PIS families would not have money worries any more. No more fights with spouse or children about money. Won't that be great!

There will not be poor people any more. Everyone will have Free access to all goods and services. Children will not have to put up with richer kids and wish for more expensive clothes to try to feel as good as them. There will be no status value in Free things and only the very best quality will be produced.

When a partner comes home from his/her job they won't be exhausted and frustrated and take out their bad feelings on their family. No! They will have had fun at work and they will bring that joy home to their family.

Daycare centers would not be needed. If one parent didn't want to be the sole child rearer and homemaker, the parents would take turns working at their jobs and switching roles whenever they wanted to. Children would then always have a love bonding with their parents.

Under loving joyful conditions like these, children would have a much happier atmosphere to grow up in. This is how we would produce a superior new generation of happy people, who would then be capable of rearing an even more superior generation.

When schooling is not controlled by money and government, but is made Freely available by people who truly care for children and is voluntary for everyone concerned, then learning will no doubt take on a completely new and different format.

Home schooling has already proved that the amount kids learn in the current school system can be learned at home in two hours per day, if a parent has the leisure time and the patience.

Don't you wish that you could have grown up in a family life like that?


Dear Ernest,

I enjoy your newsletters a great deal and I am quickly paying off my debts. No more monthly payments! No more loans! No more credit interest payments! What a wonderful feeling to know that I don't need a lot of new toys (cars, TV, furniture) to make me happy. Also, I have begun to list all of my purchases. Great fun.

Here is a quote:

"To become acquainted with oneself is a terrible shock."
C. G. Jung

I plan to take a voluntary early retirement if offered. Thank you for your individuation.

Andrew CA

Dear Ernest,

Thank you for not giving up on PES and PIS. You are making a difference. If you influence only one person, your life's work is a total success. I must say, you have influenced me. I am now living in PIS. This is the first time in 20 years I don't owe anybody any money. It is a wonderful feeling. My 9 year old car runs all the better when I remember that I hold the title in hand and that I do not have to work to keep the car.

I thought last night about our nation. We are now in Europe again on another military mission. Depending how we count, this makes at least the third time and more precisely, about the 5th or 6th expedition to Europe in less than a century. Every time, we went armed and every time many died on all sides. The destruction to the property and the rebuilding costs were all preventable wastes. If no one had made money from raising or building a city, I am pretty damn sure no one would have been bombing and blasting cities.

Our government is in a panic. We allegedly have no money and cannot operate the government. How soon we forget. The Viet Nam war was financed with 30 year bonds. Those bonds are now just beginning to come due and we cannot pay the interest on them or the debt. What will happen in two or three years when the really big spending days of Viet Nam come due?

The time is right for PES. It may evolve on its own. Are we ready and willing to accept a war-time economy like we had in WWll where we could not get gas, nylons, sugar, tires, meat, soap, eggs etc? Or will we choose the cowards way out and finance this expedition on the backs of the unborn? Will we roll over our bond obligations or pay them with more borrowed money so the future generations will have to pay for our current lack of courage? If we were honest and had honest journalists, we would know exactly why America is broke. It would be a terrific lesson to every citizen why one should hardly ever buy on credit, and never buy anything on credit that can be consumed.

Please keep writing the finest newsletter in the world. The LFP is far more important than all the "How to profit from genocide, death, divorce, and dysfunction" newsletters and info-commercials on the planet.

Gary W. Hemphill Greenville, PA

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