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This is not a regular LFP issue. It is merely a summary of all the LFP reviews since early 1994.


Underground Papers:

ABOLISH MONEY, LAW & STATE, Bruce Friedemann, Box 1417, Tucson, AZ 85702. For $1 or two stamps, Friedemann will send you a bundle of reasons why we should get rid of money and state, including quotes from the bible and other literature. 11-1-95 LFP #122

AFFILIATE, 777 Barb Road, Vankleek Hill, Ont. KOB 1RO Canada. #77 ($5.) 36 pages, 8 1/2x11. Several articles & photos on nudity and a large list of underground paper reviews. Looks like a good underground paper to get your letter published in. 5-1-94 LFP #104

ALIAS, Fred Victor Mission, 145 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ont., Canada M5A 1S1 (donation) An attractive easy to read newsletter written mostly by people who frequent the mission. This paper helps one see through the eyes of some of the people that the "System" has pushed to the bottom of the pile. 7-7-94 LFP #108

ATTITUDE PROBLEM, Bandhu Scott Dunham, Box 2354, Prescott, AZ 86302. $3. #15 & 16. Full sized newspaper. 16 pages. Some interesting and helpful articles on living. 4-1-94 LFP #102

CACTUS PRICK, Box 27142, Tempe, AZ 85285. Oct '93 ($2.00) 38 pages. Unusual underground paper reviews. Interesting commentaries, several band interviews with photos, big and small record reviews, Funky but easy to read format. 2-15-94 LFP #99

CHAOS c/o Joel Epanouri, 146 Langdon, Madison, WI 53703 (Free. Send stamp) #9, 16 pages 1/2 size. Easy to read hand printed (with graphics) story revealing Joel's innermost personal thoughts. 2-15-94 LFP #99

COFFEEHOUSE, Box 77, Berthoud, CO 80513 ($4 for 2 years) Literary magazine of narrative poetry and short-shorts. 9-25-95 LFP #119

DRIFT, Clif Kennedy, Box 40, 90 Shuter St, Toronto, Ont., Canada M5B 2K6. (Send Clif at least a dollar as his postage was 52 cents.) #75 One article on what the Canadian government is doing to the poor. Lots of interesting and indepth underground paper reviews. Some neat graphics and a short story. 10-9-95 LFP #120

F.U.N. (Family Unschoolers Network), Nancy & Bill Greer, 1688 Belhaven Woods Court, Pasadena, MD 21122-3727 $6/yr. #1. This looks like it will be a very fine newsletter. They also have a comprehensive catalog of home schooling books. 12-6-95 LFP #127

FACTSHEET FIVE, R. Seth Friedman, Box 170099, San Francisco, CA 94117-0099 ($6.00 for a sample, or $3.95 at newsstands) #57, 144 pages with index. Lots of graphics. It is still the best directory of underground papers. Thousands of reviews of underground papers, zines, books, recordings, B-movies, music, poetry, comics and misc. 2-15-94 LFP #99

FIRE FLY (A tiny glow in a forest of darkness), c/o Jane Kirby & Jon Lurie, 700 Pearl Street, Wallace, ID 83873. Try $3. #23 & 24. 12 pages 8 1/2" x 11". Funky looking but packed with worthwhile reading about things that are important to us all. 4-1-94 LFP #102

FLIPSIDE, Box 60790, Pasadena, CA 91116 ($2.50) #87, 140 pages. Mostly band and music reviews. Lots of photographs. 2-15-94 LFP #99

FRIENDS OF PEACE PILGRIM, dedicated to disseminating material on her life and work, which includes a 224-page book, along with newsletters and pamphlets. They are located at 43480 Cedar Ave., Hemet, CA 92544 (909-927-7678), and all of their material is free (though donations certainly help with the work they do). 9-5-95 LFP #118

GROUNDSWELL, Thomas C. Mullian, Box 174, Prospect Park, PA 19076-1307 ($10/year) A monthly 12 pages. #5. After reading a few paragraphs, I couldn't put it down. It is a refreshing intellectual exercise! The four syllable words slowed me down and made me think more. It is heartening to find good writers who also posses intelligence and can see through the mass media con-job. 11-20-95 LFP #125

GROWING WITHOUT SCHOOLING, 2269 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140. This is one of the finest and oldest of all home schooling newsletters. I think John Holt started it. They also have an excellent catalog. 12-6-95 LFP #127

JAM RAG, Box 20076, Ferndale, MI 48220. V9#2. (try $1.) 12 page color tabloid about music. Some interesting articles. Good LFP review. 5-1-94 LFP 104

KOMBAT, Anthony Jankowski, Box 20311, Indianapolis, IN 46220-0311 ($2.50) #12, 43 pages. Easy to read, well laid out underground paper with graphics. Letters from readers with responses. Articles reveal what's wrong in the System. If you don't believe in a conspiracy against the working people, you need to read this. 11-8-95 LFP #123

LIBRARIANS AT LIBERTY, 1716 S.W. Williston Road, Gainesville, FL 32608. 16 pages ($10 yr. Low income: $5/yr) A very interesting and useful underground paper to help you wake up your librarians, if they don't realize the value of displaying a zine section for the public. 10-18-95 LFP #121

LUNO (Learning Unlimited Network of Oregon), by Gene Lehman, 31960 SE Chin St, Boring, OR 97009 ($1 + stamp for sample.) If you have any interest in self-schooling and in the farce they call schooling, you will be delighted to read this. Issue 10:6 was an especially great issue. This guy sure puts out a lot of good stuff in his newsletter about Freedom and alternative schooling. Lots of real truth to chew on. Several excepts from interesting undergrounds. 9-25-95 LFP #119

MEANDER QUARTERLY, c/o Chuck Munson, Box 179, College Park, MD 20741-0179 ($1) V6, #4, 12 pages 1/2 size. An underground newsletter of Evolutionary Anarchists that will print your anarchist views as well as many other peoples. They also change editors each year which gives you a chance to be the editor. 2-15-94 LFP #99

MSRRT NEWSLETTER, 4645 Columbus Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55407 ($15/yr) This would be a good one to recommend to your librarian. MSRRT might send you a sample back issue to show. If you publish a underground paper, send MSRRT a copy for review. It has lots of underground paper reviews. 10-18-95 LFP #121

NEW HOPE INTERNATIONAL REVIEW, 20 Werneth Avenue, Gee Cross, Hyde, England SK14 5NL, U.K. ($5.) 42 page booklet 8 1/2"x11". Worldwide reviews of books, cassettes, CD's, magazines, pamphlets, software, videos and catalogues. 5-1-94 LFP #104

NEW PHILISTINE (a radical literary underground paper), Karl Wenclas, 5440 Cass #1006, Detroit, MI 48202. ($1.00) #26 was a 10 page novel entitled "The Anti-Utopians." It is an interesting novel about what our world is evolving into. Karl is another George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. I'm glad I read it. It inspired me to work harder to make sure his prophesy doesn't come true. We'll never get our house cleaned, if we don't listen to people who point out the dirt once in a while. 12-21-95 LFP #128

NEW WORLD RISING, Fred Fratiello, Box 33, 71 Hope Street, Providence, RI 02906 (Donation) #23 was an 8 page tabloid. The format was a collage of graphics and print. Lots of concerned people writing in about mother earth, leaving their names and addresses. They seem like people who see a need for change and desire a way to do it. 11-8-95 LFP #123

PADDLE FISH FIRST, Drew Hempel, 1024 Osleola Avenue #B, St. Paul, MN 55105 (stamp) #6 had 4 pages. Really packed with all the bad shit that is happening in our system. If you know people who think that everything is just dandy ... show them a PFF. 11-13-95 LFP #124

RIPENING SEASONS, 6545 Ravenna Ave., N.E. #307 Seattle, WA 98115 (206-528-6122) (donation) by Irv Thomas. Irv writes about what's happening now in his life. Years ago Irv put out the paper called, Black Bart Brigade (a paper for middle-aged outlaws). 9-5-95 LFP #118

SLUG & LETTUCE, c/o Christine, Box 2067, NY, NY 10009. (Free, SASE) #32, 8 pages tabloid. Chris made some interesting observations on the present dope scene in NY, shows at the ABC NO RIO and tips on energy efficiency. An article on the war in Yugoslavia. Fanzine Reviews galore, free classified ads and record reviews. Lots of Punk photos. Get this -- one chapter from I WAS ROBOT was included. 2-15-94 LFP #99

WELL HEALTH, Frank Bowman, 10 Corporation Street, Flint, Clywd, England CH6 5PG (tel: 01352 761857) Frank and his friends are doing a Free Flea Market. People bring things and people take things. No barter. No money. Give or/and take. They don't put out a underground paper but if you send them a donation (it will cost them at least a dollar for postage alone), I'm sure they will send you some reprints of local news coverage of their project, etc. 10-9-95 LFP #120

YOUR FREEDOM, John Haynes, Box 54562, Oklahoma City, OK 73154-1562. #1. ($2) This new 8 pager is right up our alley. It looks like we will be talking about the same things, only John's paper has a nicer format. It might even sell on the news stands. Let's support it! 12-6-95 LFP #127


1984, George Orwell called the people who worked at production, "Prols." This term applied to the poor and unemployed as well. There was continuous war and continuos fear mongering. Today we call the prols; employees and street people. These words don't sound as bad as slaves and starving and freezing people, do they? He portrayed what our time has come to. He foresaw the homeless. Much of what he predicted has come true, except it has been so gradual that we believe we are living normal lives.

ANTHEM, by Ayn Rand, 1937, Signet Books. Here is a book that tops BRAVE NEW WORLD and 1984. It portrays the worst and most complete kind of a slave-world imaginable (Is our system leading to this?) but in the end it shows the awakening and escape of two slaves. A most powerful book! It gets my #10 rating! I can't recommend it enough for people who are already aware of slavery. You will see similarities already present in our System. 10-9-95 LFP #120

ATLAS SHRUGGED by Ayn Rand, 1957, Signet Books. Here is a book that prophesied the railroads' demise 37 years ago. She gave warning about our politicians and their destructive laws. Besides being an inspiring story on self-reliance and an individuals rights, it's a great love story. I first read it in the 60's. Now I've almost got it read again. I love it! I don't agree with all her theories but it is a Great Book. 10-30-94 LFP #112

BIBLE OF GOD THE GOOD, Julian Latham, Box 27428, Los Angeles, CA 90027-0428. (low price) This approximately one inch thick (no page numbers) book is a real surprise. Even an atheist can't put this book down until it's every word is digested. Large attractive type and very little on each page. Chuck full of inspiring truths about living. 2-15-94 LFP #99

BRAVE NEW WORLD, Aldous Huxley used repetitive sleep teaching for the mind conditioning in his story. Songs today are very repetitive. Some people listen to music constantly. Is the sleep teaching method Huxley predicted on the same order as our repetitive lyrics and the subliminals in music and movies? 2-15-94 LFP #99

BRAVE NEW WORLD REVISITED, 1958, Aldous Huxley, Harper & Row. He described in detail how people were being mind conditioned in 1958. One can easily see that these same methods are being used today. But certainly with far more sophisticated methods that have been time-tested and proven. 3-1-94 LFP #100

CALL TO ARMS, Alan Dean Foster, Del Rey Books. (1991) I enjoy most of Foster's books. This story really focused on a theme you see a lot of in the books that get published by the big publishers. That theme is that humans just love to fight and kill and they really get a bang out of wars. That theme is repeated so much in books that I'll bet many people believe it. 12-6-95 LFP #127

COSTIGAN'S NEEDLE, a book by Jerry Sohl, Rinehart & Co. 1953. This science fiction novel is about a few hundred people who were transported into another world with nothing but their naked bodies. It tells how they survived and created a modern world with their talents and the knowledge they remembered. They didn't use money. They practiced the PES, only without a name for it and it worked splendidly. Besides that it was an interesting well-written inspiring story about what people can do if they have a goal. 8-25-95 LFP #117

DON WRIGHT'S GUIDE TO FREE CAMPGROUNDS, a book published by Cottage Publishers, 24396 Pleasant View Drive, Elkart, IN 46517. I don't have this book, but was told it's good. 8-25-95 LFP #117

EMERGENCY MEDICAL PROCEDURES FOR THE HOME & AUTO by Logical Communications, Prentice-Hall, 1980 (108 pages) $6.95 I picked this up at a garage sale and read it. It has simple clear directions on how to give first-aid. It includes artificial respiration and CPR (heart massage) and just about everything. It has an easy to use contents to refer you quickly to procedures to use. With this kind of information we might save a life someday, maybe our own. 7-14-94 LFP #109

FIVE ACRES AND INDEPENDENCE, By M. G. Kains, Dover Publications, Inc., 180 Varick Street, New York, NY 10014 (1940, revised in 1973) 397 pages. A very comprehensive book on homesteading. 7-14-94 LFP #109

FOUR ARGUMENTS FOR THE ELIMINATION OF TELEVISION, Jerry Mander. Read this and you may understand better why I thought it prudent to quit absorbing the mass media years ago. 1-19-94 LFP #97

FROM FREEDOM TO SLAVERY (The Rebirth of Tyranny in America), Gerry Spence, 1993, St. Martin's Press. This very successful lawyer shows us a factual clear cut picture of what the Big Corporations are doing to us with their mass media. 1-19-94 LFP#97

GESUNDHEIT! by Patch Adams, M.D., 1993, $15. Healing Arts Press, One Park Street, Rochester, VT 05767. Here is the story of a medical doctor who gave his medical services free of charge for 15 years from his home. It's a happy story of how free and happy medical care works better than the "charge all you can get" present system. Patch is now building a five million dollar free hospital in Virginia. I heard him speak in Minneapolis a few years ago. He clowns and makes you laugh. That is part of his cure. 7-7-94 LFP #108

GOD BLESS YOU MR. ROSEWATER by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. 1965. Dell Publishing Co. He talks about the "money river." Vonnegut tells us how the Money Game is played. A Hell of a good writer. Page 89, "... the widest, deepest river of wealth ever know to man. You'll be shown your place on the river bank, and handed a bucket all your own. Slurp as much as you want, but try to keep the racket of your slurping down. A poor man might hear." 3-20-95 LFP #115

GOD PROJECT, Stan Lee, 1990, Grove Weidenfeld publisher. An interesting exciting spy expose` on government. On page 386, Halliday, the President said, "We lie, we manipulate, we cheat, we con. Every politician in this country is bought and paid for, and that includes me." One reason why this expose` of government was allowed to be published, I think, is because it contains a fear mongering clincher ... the good-guy gets assassinated. It exposes the crooks but makes people afraid to do anything. 10-18-95 LFP#121

HOW TO ATTRACT GOOD LUCK by A. H. Z. Carr (1952, 1965) 191 pages. Cornerstone Library Publications (A Division of Pocket Books, Inc.) I just found a copy. It's great! It should go on the top shelf right next to Dale Carnage. Find it no matter what the cost. Follow that book and it will be the luckiest thing you ever did. I wish I had found it when I was younger. 7-7-94 LFP #108

HOW TO LIVE 365 DAYS A YEAR, by John A. Schindler, M.D. 1968 Fawcett World Library (186 pages) It is the second best book I have ever read. It is still in print. It explains in medical terms how our thoughts (our own thoughts) control our pituitary gland which in turn controls several other vital glands, which in turn, control our health. 2-7-95 LFP #113

HOW TO STOP WORRYING AND START LIVING by Dale Carnage, 1944, 348 pages, Pocket Books. "One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden on the horizon -- instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today. Why are we such fools -- such tragic fools?" I just found this book at a garage sale for 25 cents. I read it years ago, I'm reading it again now. This book looks like it will be a honey! This copy is from the 30th printing. 7-7-94 LFP #108

HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE, by Dale Carnage. If you wish to succeed in this Game of living and enjoying life -- read this. He explains very simply and sensibly how to succeed and enjoy life. I read this book before I was 20 years old and it lifted me out of a serious inferiority complex and helped to give me the confidence in myself that helped me to succeed in business and in friendship and love relationships. 7-14-94 LFP #109

INCREDIBLE VOYAGE by Tristan Jones 1977, Sheed Andreios & McMeel, Inc. 390 pages. An exciting sailing adventure with some reveling incites into bureaucracy thrown in. Tristan throws us a little meat along with his adventures. 3-9-95 LFP #114

INNOCENCE ABROAD (Tramping Europe at 64 on $100/week) by Irv Thomas. (245 big pages with sketches) Published by Old Black Bart, Rejuvenated, Box 48, Canyon, CA 94516. Irv is just my age. I met him a couple of times in Berkeley and he stopped to see me once in Minneapolis. He wrote an interesting and colorful account of his year+ abroad. He gives incites into his philosophy on how he cooperates with Providence to get what he needs from life. It is also a very interesting travelog of Europe and the people he met. He printed only 185 copies and they are all sold. He may have reprinted it by now. I enjoyed reading it. His Providence and my good luck, seem to have a lot in common. 2-7-95 LFP #113

LAST MOUNTAIN MEN, Harold Peterson, 1975, Belmont Tower Books. This book is an interesting and detailed story of a man who found ways to be self-sufficient and take care of almost all of his needs. He lived away from people and rarely had visitors or made the long trip into town. It shows how a good life can be had with very little money. 10-18-95 LFP #121

LIVING ON A FEW ACRES, Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402. (price ?) 1978 0-251-000 (432 pages) (Stock #001-000-03809-5 Catalog #A1.10:978. [God, what a lot of bullshit numbers] This hardcover book has a lot of interesting photographs. Maybe your library can get it. I didn't think the government could put out anything worthwhile. But for anyone planning to go back to the land, this book looks like a real helper. 7-7-94 LFP #108

LIVING THE GOOD LIFE (How to Live Sanely and Simply in a Troubled World) by Helen and Scott Nearing. Schocken Books, 200 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016 (1954 and 1970) 213 pages. The Nearings tell how and why they bought land and built a stone house and how they raised food. An interesting and very informative book. 7-14-94 LFP#109

LONG WALK (A Gamble for Life), Slavomir Rawicz, Harper & Row, 1956. His true life experience as a Polish army lieutenant. He was taken by the Russians in 1939. He was unjustly accused of being a spy and tortured to get him to sign an untrue "Confession." It details the torture he suffered along with 5,000 other captive Czechs, Poles, Fins, Latvians, Yugoslavs, Lithuanians, Americans, Estonians and others. This book gives a vivid picture of one of the side-effects of war. 10-18-95 LFP #121

ONE STRAW REVOLUTION, Masanobu Fukuoka, 1978, Bantam Books. In addition to showing us a simple and easy way (the natural way) to raise food without using poison sprays, chemical fertilizers and without plowing or cultivating, he shows us a peaceful way to live in harmony with life. He has started a revolution in farming and in living. 3-1-94 LFP #100

POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING by Norman Vincent Peale, 1952. I read it 30 or 40 years ago and found it again at a garage sale and am now reading it again. A terrific book. It talks about manifesting ones desires as does SPHERE, It could be called a "guide-book" on manifesting, but it uses the word God instead of subconscious. It is quit religious but for unreligious people, just substitute the word subconscious, higher self, ones essence or your own term; for the word "God" and you can derive much good inspiration and common sense from Peale. It offers ways to reach that Power that we all have private access to. 10-18-95 LFP #121

RISING SUN, by Michael Crichton, Ballantine Books, 1992. An expose' on the Japanese who are buying up many of our largest industries and creating monopolies. He's saying, I think, that as a nation, we don't want to be dependent on our ex-enemy (remember Pearl Harbor) for things we need. 1-19-94 LFP #97

SIEGE OF EARTH, by John Faucette, Unibook, 1971. Entirely about a war. While reading this book, war started looking to me like a game that a few super-rich people (or perhaps aliens) are playing and using humankind as toy soldiers. A game with no risk for the Elite, like a video game, only with real live players that they control through their generals. If we are stupid enough to fight in their games, then we are the losers. 8-7-95 LFP #116

SPHERE by Michael Crichton, Alfred A. Knopf publisher, 1987. This is an exciting adventure story. It deals a lot with how people think. In fact the crux of the story is about a sphere found in a time-machine. The sphere somehow changed a person and gave them direct linkage with their powerful subconscious mind. This allowed a person to manifest their thoughts into reality. If you had good thoughts stored, you created good things. If you had bad thoughts stored, you created bad things. 10-18-95 LFP #121

SUBLIMINAL SEDUCTION, Wilson Bryan Key, 1974, Signet. This book not only explains subliminals but it also shows how to detect some of them. It is a very important book for people who think that they are free, if they still have the ability to read a whole book. Most people don't believe that the mass media is using subliminal methods for mind conditioning. The book, HIDDEN PERSUADERS by Leaderer, over thirty years ago revealed subliminals being used in movies. 3-1-94 LFP #100

TIME GLADIATOR, Mack Renolds, Lancer Books, 1969. Mack is a very unique author. In most of his books he sets up a different political-economic system in the background of an interesting and exciting science fiction story. In this book the masses had all been replaced by automation and given a fixed annual income. They spent all their time, in front of the bub-tube, sucking on tranqs. Even the ruling class were going to pot and disintegrating. It is an interesting look at what could happen to us. 11-8-95 LFP #123

TREVAYNE by Robert Ludlum, is an exciting novel of how the big defense conglomerate took control of the government. Maybe it actually has! It is not difficult to see that the military gets an ever increasing funding from your tax dollars. The big defense corporations get this money. What do you get from it? More taxes! 3-20-95 LFP #115


R & R Mill Company, Inc., 48 West First North, Box 187, Smithfield, Utah, 84335-0187. Phone 801-563-3333. A reader sent me this address. I've been looking for it for years. I used to buy Corona Corn Mills from Utah, 25 years ago, by the dozen and sold them to my friends. The Corona is the best hand mill that I've ever seen. I still use mine to grind grain in the morning for my breakfast cereals and to make whole wheat flour.

12-21-95 LFP #128


MY DINNER WITH ANDRE This movie showed for about three months steady at the Cedar Theater in Minneapolis and filled the theater each night back in about 1983. Other movie theaters were almost empty at that time. This film proved that violence is not necessary to sell tickets, nor are expensive props. This is a show of just two men talking as they are dinning in a restaurant. They talk about interesting and very personal things that get at the root of life. They even discuss the money system. It is on video tape now. 10-11-94 LFP #111

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