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If only I could find a person with the perception to see the wonderful world-changing potentials in the Priceless Economic System and the Personal Independence System. It would further need to be a person who understood how to enthuse the general public and get them to discussing these ideas. Then as soon as they understood, it wouldn't take long before people would all wish to change-over to the PES and PIS right away.

Then we would have a much better way of living together on this lush old Earth. Bucky Fuller, with his "World Game" showed us that there is an abundance of natural resources for us all. And when we play the PES and PIS Games, there will be no reason to continue to create artificial scarcities and there would no longer be a Profit in having Power over (ruling and dominating) people. Then Power would be a burden -- not an asset.

I have been trying to be that persuasive person for 26 years. I have failed. But I'll still keep searching for that person who does have the ability to awaken the masses to this wonderful new way of living together in peace and plenty -- the PES and PIS.

With the PES and PIS the wars and revolutions would stop. There wouldn't be a Profit in them any more. No one would need to steal anymore when everything is free. There would no longer be political prisoners. These two items alone would nearly empty out all the prisons and jails. Industry would no longer Profit from polluting. Starvation and malnutrition would soon end. What a relief not to have a government taxing us and trying to tell us what to do. What a relief to have an end to all advertising and salespeople nagging at us.

Hell! I can govern myself just fine, can't you? If I make a mistake and step on some ones toes, they tell me about it, quickly. It doesn't take much experimenting to figure out which of my words or actions bring me the most happiness. I expect this applies to everyone.

There would no longer be a reason for the mass media to continue to make us fearful of other people because there will no longer be a Profit in the old "Divide and Rule" trick.

I think, with enough coverage, we could change the whole world over to the PES and PIS within one year. Wouldn't it be nice for everyone, if we could succeed in this promotion so soon?

This is another reason why I try to persuade people to Escape from the Rat Race and grab some Freedom. I have hopes that with a little Free time they will understand the PES and PIS enough to be sold on it like I am. The PES and PIS ideas need all the promoters they can get. We might just accomplish this goal even if we don't find the Super-Salesperson.

The multiple progression of numbers will work for us if we don't give up.


By winning a little in the Rat Race I was able to Escape it by the time I was 42 years old in 1969. This meant I had made enough money so that I didn't have to go to a job, i.e., I had made some Independence for myself. Anyone can do it if they really set their mind to it! I didn't beg the government to give it to me!

1. It is just a matter of making the decision to Escape.

2. Then to firm-up your determination to make it happen.

3. Then make a plan on how to make the necessary money.

4. Then just follow your plan and improve the plan as you go along.

Anyone can do it, if a simple farm boy like me could do it! I did it! So can you!

The PIS revolution can't be stopped. It has been going on for a long time. It has been called the: back-to-the-land, back-to-the-seas, back-to-the-mountains back-to-the-rivers and back-to-the-desert movements. There are a lot of free places to live. We can each figure out one for our self. If you buy land, it is not free, but it is much freer than renting.

I sold a contract for deed and now have a little cash to buy some land. I've put, "Wanted: 40 acres..." ads in the local papers. I hope to find some for $200 an acre. I enjoy raising my own food. Then I'll know there are no additives in what I eat. I don't trust the additives one bit. Just look at all the sick people we have today.

Wooden Boat

Wooden Boat magazine arrived today and after skimming it, my heart went out to the sea again.

If I don't find a good buy on suitable acreage I may figure out a different place to invest my cash. Because I'm planning to live on a sail boat after my grandson reaches his 18th birthday, I may invest a little of it in a sailboat.

It seems like if I don't hurry some of my decisions too fast -- just the right answer comes along.

The thought is even tempting me to buy another house if I could see a good profit in doing so. It would be nice to have a little more money. That would give me more choices for my future. God! Am I getting hooked in the Money Game again? I know I could start out with $100 and get or build some kind of hull to live aboard so why do I want to make more money? Shit, I don't know!

I had thought that land would be a good investment to put my money in (what little I got) and it surely would be. But why should I worry about investments? Just put it where I think it will be safe and go on with my life. I have already learned how to convert an old row-boat into a sailboat. It doesn't take much money. It just takes faith in myself. I certainly have that. Some of my friends have even called me arrogant. I hope I am.

Letter From a Subscriber:

She said, "Thanks for the wisdom! But, the government can raise your taxes, can license you to death, can make you pay for seeds, etc. They have got you." My answer:

The government already is doing these bad things. But they are not doing much to the back-to-the-land people. Their taxes are much cheaper than the city's. If we build an expensive looking house, they will put very high taxes on it. An old shack will have the lowest taxes and one can fix it up.

Also when we move to the land, we must do our homework. That is, we must confer with neighbors. Let them know what is going on in government. Farmers never did like government! They are on our side. We need to get the word around that we won't stand for unfair tax raises; that large groups of land owners will stop paying any taxes if they get too high.

The poor people need to inform their kids, who get jobs in the National Guard and in the police force, to be on our side too. Then we will have nothing to fear.

As for seeds, some people are buying organic non-hybrid seeds and they learn to save the best of their garden and field seeds to use the next year. Then you don't have to buy them.

As for licenses, some people are already driving without licenses and are getting away with it. However, at present, I would rather pay the fee than worry about the possible hassles.

War Predictor?

Even living about a mile from the railroad tracks I hear nearly every freight train that goes by. This is a freight line that runs to the Pacific coast. There are times that their honking and tooting seems to be more often. Just before the Gulf War it seemed like there were a lot more and longer trains.

I wonder if a person who had access to railroad freight traffic records, could study the activity before previous "keeping the peace" actions and could then predict the next planned conflicts (invasions)?


I have a new insight on emotions. I have said that I thought emotions (feelings) are nothing more than intense thoughts.

Now, I think that emotions are our body's response to our thoughts. Like we think anger thoughts about someone and our body responds with a shot of adrenalin. We think love toward someone and our body feels good all over. Sexual feelings sometimes stir.

I still believe that our thoughts control our emotions. I still believe that we can control our own thoughts. Therefore we can control how we feel, if we go to the effort of changing our thoughts.

I'll have to admit that most of the time I allow what's around me to control my thoughts. Once in a great while I take control of my thoughts and direct them. But not very often. Mostly I just react to whatever.

But at least I react with a little bit of understanding of what the Game is all about, so that I can react in a way that is best for me (I hope).

Of course, when I'm working on a project I direct and control my thoughts.

The book, "How to Live 365 Days a Year" by John A. Shindler, M.D. explains with medical terms how our thoughts control the pituitary gland in our brain and how that master gland controls several other glands, and therefore controls our life.

I have found that it is as easy to change thoughts, as it is to change channels on a TV. One can say, "I won't think about pink elephants. I won't think about pink elephants. I won't think about pink elephants. etc." That won't do it. One just says to him/herself, "I don't wish to continue thinking on this depressing or lonely thought! What would I like to be thinking about?" Then one makes a choice and proceeds to think along this new thought line. The depressing or lonely thought vanishes and so does the unwanted emotion. It is so damn simple. Anyone can do it -- if they make up their mind to do it.

News Clipping

A reader from Arizona sent me a clipping from the Tucson Weekly, from the December 7-13, 1995, issue. It is entitled, "Quit Your Job" by Ted Rall (Work is for suckers -- Bart Simpson). This article first appeared in Might magazine (which I would like to see a copy of).

This article told about how people hated their jobs and how the author quit his job and started working for himself. Just like the old cottage-industries. This is what I recommend too. But why is the mass media recommending it? Is the Tucson Weekly and the Might magazine part of the mass media? Would the Big Corporations (BC's) like to farm out much of their work to cottage-industries and get it done cheaper? It is just about like the day-labor the BC's hire. No benefits to pay.

This article recommends quitting your job and working from home. It points out that the author worked harder at home than he did at his office job, but he liked it better because he was his own boss. It said nothing about getting out of the Rat Race. It just recommended becoming your own whipping-boy.

I recommend becoming your own boss, if you can make more money that way. Otherwise, work for someone else to make your pile of money so that you can ESCAPE as soon as possible. Or, we can play their game of cottage-industry, if it will help us Escape sooner!

Jane Goodall

The article, "Jane Goodall" in the National Geographic, Dec. 1995, brought tears to my eyes in a couple of spots. At the end of the article was a message from Jane. Here is an excerpt: "We love to point fingers when we try to deal with difficult problems such as the environment, to lay the blame on industry or science or politicians. And there is no question that industrialization has polluted our surroundings. But who buys the products? We do, you and I, the vast, amorphous general public. Each of our actions has a global impact."

I certainly agree with what she says. If I purchase one less item, industry produces one less item, thus they pollute a little bit less. When others realize this and stop purchasing, industry will shut down or stop polluting. If we have taken steps to become independent, we'll be OK. The article made one feel sorry for the chimpanzee orphans. I wish that people who feel sorry for chimp orphans, would feel just half as sorry for the human orphans that these little wars (like in Bosnia and in Haiti) are creating! Is this animal love another diversion to keep people too busy to see what's wrong?

Underground Review

NEW PHILISTINE (a radical literary zine), Karl Wenclas, 5440 Cass #1006, Detroit, MI 48202. ($1.00) #26 was a 10 page novel entitled "The Anti-Utopians." It is an interesting novel about what our world is evolving into. Karl is another George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. I'm glad I read it. It inspired me to work harder to make sure his prophesy doesn't come true. We'll never get our house cleaned, if we don't listen to people who point out the dirt once in a while.


R & R Mill Company, Inc., 48 West First North, Box 187, Smithfield, Utah, 84335-0187. Phone 801-563-3333. A reader sent me this address. I've been looking for it for years. I used to buy Corona Corn Mills from Utah, 25 years ago, by the dozen and sold them to my friends. The Corona is the best hand mill that I've ever seen. I still use mine to grind grain in the morning for my breakfast cereals and to make whole wheat flour.

Their suggested retail price is $37.95 and if you buy from 1-11 mills, your price is $23.95 plus shipping for 11 lbs. from Smithfield, Utah. There is another price break for 12 mills or more. I have tried to get the oldest co-op grocery in Minneapolis to handle it because of all the grain they sell, but they can't seem to hear me.

R & R also list in their catalog other hand grinders, electric mills, stone mills, dehydrators, strainers, juicers, meat grinders, dutch ovens, wheat grass juicers, etc.

My Life

I am again keeping a record of my daily expenditures. In another month or so I should have a report on how much my food, etc. costs me. I decided not to quit coffee at this time. I enjoy my coffee and can afford it, so what the Hell!

Drove to Minneapolis and picked up a few things at the North Country Food Co-op. And then stopped at a friend's place and used his electric grind stone and put a sharp edge on my truck leaf spring.

I bought another computer from Que Computers, 2418 E. Hennepin Avenue, Mpls., MN 55413, (612-623-9144) This time I got a used Compaq 386 with 1 meg of RAM, a 40 meg HD, 3 1/2" and 5 1/4" HD drives, an enhanced keyboard and a new mono monitor. I also got a Windows v-3.1 program and a little Alps ASP1600 9 pin printer. The hard disk had MS-Dos v-6.22. I also got a new mouse. All this cost me $318. Then I went to Half Price Books in Minneapolis and bought some program manuals.

I advertised my XT computer and my other 9 pin printer in the local paper and sold them for $150 to the first caller. They were really thrilled to find one so cheap. A friend told me of a welder who would weld my ice chisel for a reasonable price. Drove out to see him. He wasn't at his shop so I drove on to Randall and stopped to see my auto mechanic friend Rick Gaffke, who services my car. He does good work and is very reasonable. He welded the handle onto my sharpened leaf spring and "Presto!" it is now an ice chisel. He wouldn't take any money.

I drove on up north past Cushing to Lincoln and drove out on Fish Trap Lake. There I tried out the ice chisel. It worked just swell. The ice was about a foot thick. I had bought a couple dozen grubs at the gas station near an entrance to the lake and put two on my hook. This would be the first use of my home-made fishing stick also. There wasn't much wind and although it was very cold, I didn't get cold. In about two hours of fishing, I had one bite and caught one medium sized Sunfish. I took it home and cleaned it. Two days later I ate it. It was delicious. One fish is far better than being skunked! It will take me a while to find the good spots on any lake. Fish Trap is about 25 miles from here.

Drove back to Minneapolis a few days later and got my $19. printer fixed. The dip switches needed to be changed from serial to parallel port. I couldn't find the dip switches but Que did. I ordered three ribbons for it from an ad in the Computer Shopper catalog.

Went back to the Bauer Bros. Salvage Yard in St. Paul and made a tour of it. They sure have a lot of good used stuff there. Can you believe it? I found a louvered grill that just fit the front of my mobile home furnace! The furnace looks much better now and is slightly quieter.

A Later Date

Today I decided to fix something that was working. Of course you've heard about doing this dumb thing.

Anyway I decided to oil the motor on my furnace blower again. This involved taking the blower assembly out of my gas forced air furnace and also taking the impeller fan off the motor shaft. In accomplishing this I had to hammer a lot on the motor shaft. I got it apart and then oiled the motor bearings. Then I put it all together and what do you suppose? The impeller would hardly turn around. It used to spin freely. I knew something was wrong. I took it to the only electric motor shop in Little Falls and he said I ruined the bearings when I hammered the motor shaft out of the impeller's fitting.

That little episode of fixing something that was working, cost me $92.68 for a new motor and motor mount.

Well, I never said that I win them all!

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