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More Taxes?

The politicians and bureaucrats squandered (and pocketed) money they didn't have and now they want the taxpayers to pay more taxes to pay off the 5 trillion dollar loan the politicians borrowed from the rich-guys and gals.

We are such naive fools to pay all the taxes needed to hire a government to rule us and waste our money. We could waste it ourselves and have some fun doing it. Hell! I can rule myself, can't you? We must appear like a real dumb flock of sheep to the rich guys. Just dumb sheep to be herded, fleeced and slaughtered.

And it is true! We keep ourselves distracted from this awful truth by doing what their schools taught us to do ... "OBEY!" We get their further instructions from the mass media and from our Boss at work. We don't really know how to live a Free person's life. I am not really very good at it yet. Instead of really getting free I write this paper and commiserate with my brother and sister slaves. We all complain but seldom really do anything to make our own self, Free and Happy. What is it like to be happy? I'm not sure I know.

Do You Belong?

What groups do you belong to? Have you ever stopped to think about what it means when we say, "I belong to this church, that lodge or that party." We are actually saying that we belong to them. We are their possession. And what does that mean? It means that we must obey and do what the group advocates. Would that make you a Free Independent Being (FIB)?

I have belonged to many different groups in my days. I never realized the significance of that word, "belong." Of course it means owned by or the possession of, whoever controls the group. Now I only belong to me!

"What Should I Do?"

You know people who are always asking this. They make perfect slaves. They will always be slaves unless they address that question to the right person ... them self. Then they will have to start thinking and figuring things out for themselves. Then they have a chance to get Free too.

Mind Conditioning

It seems logical that there are several different levels of mind conditioning. The Rich (except; for the super-rich Elite who are in control) are probably conditioned to do what rich people do, by the kind of stuff they read, watch and the kind of music they listen to. I expect the controllers try to keep these Rich people far too busy, spending their money on entertainment, to take all the Free time that they could have; to stop, study and figure out what life is really all about. The people who have money, power and the know-how to accomplish things are a very dangerous group, to the controllers.

The super-rich don't want their capable rich managers to rebel and help make changes.

No! So they make the rich people think that they must keep moving all the time and spending lots of money on themselves. They especially don't want their managers and ex-managers to discover the truth about how good the world could be for everyone, if we stopped absorbing the media mind-conditioning and figured things out for our selves.

On the several different income levels, right on down to the welfare level, they have the mind conditioning adjusted to suit the level. With their polls they know which kind of media each level absorbs.

From the poor people right on up the scale to the manager class, the people think that they are thinking their own thoughts. Very few of them realize how suggestible they are and how much of their thinking and beliefs have been cleverly implanted in them by the mass media and the customs they have conformed to.

Personal Utopia

In my PU, I was a very low-rung-on-the-ladder manager. I managed a one man business. I learned how to make money. By pure luck (getting angry at the System) I retired at age 42 back in 1969. 1969 was when my self education began. I slowed down. I smelled the flowers. I observed the clouds. I soaked in the sunshine. I talked to birds and animals. (I talked with people too.) I quit walking so damn fast. I observed. I read. I traveled.

My PU got much better as I started to see how the Profit/Wage Game is really played. Far different than I was taught ... that hard work and honesty got one to the top of the ladder. After I found writers who had already made these discoveries, my evolution accelerated.

The truth is pretty simple ... they keep us too damn busy to really define "wage-slavery" and make the astounding discovery of what slavery is all about. When you take pay -- you must obey! If people discover that, they might look for a way to ESCAPE!

Your Own Boss

Being ones own boss is so much cheaper than hiring a government to boss you around. Being ones own boss is more profitable than working for a boss who only pays you a tiny portion of your productivity, for your labor. Take the champion exploiter of the USA for the year 1984, the Mesa Petroleum Corporation. They took $397,400 from each of their 700 employees' productivity and paid each of them only a pittance for it.

Personal Independence System

I was telling a young man about the PIS and he said, "But, that's Communism, isn't it?" I told him it isn't Communism because all Communist countries use or used money and governments. "Oh!" he said, "Then it's Anarchy!" I told him I supposed it could be called Anarchy, but the common definition of Anarchy is lots of bomb throwing, killing and chaos. And that is not what PIS is all about. The word Anarchy, today in 95% of the underground media means simply a world without government. All the media forgets to tell us that people would be so happy without government that they would have no reason to throw bombs or cause confusion. Very few advocates of Anarchy go any further with their definition than to just wish to get rid of government.

They rarely go into what the economics would be like, in an Anarchy.

If we still used money, the big corporations would have armies and they would fight the other corporations and force the populace to buy their products. Not many people would like that kind of Anarchy.

Many of the present Anarchists, would like to throw bombs and fight what they hate. And they do! They seem to think that everything would be just dandy if there was a void where government now sits.

People are afraid of Anarchy, and for good reason. They need to know how they are going to get their bread and butter. People know that a void refuses to stay empty and that someone would jump back into Power!

But with PIS we focus on how to get our own bread and butter and ignore government. Government can't continue to exist after people see that they can get along better without it. And to see what it really does ... it supports and protects the super-rich Elite people.

Learn to Live With PIS

We'll be able to see that the Elite will cease to have absolute Power over us when we learn to live with the PIS. The taxes that we pay, supports the political machine that is oppressing us. We pay much of our wages for taxes to support the guards who force us to pay taxes, for the guards who suppress our strikes when we attempt to get a fair share of our productivity and for the guards who break up our demonstrations when we attempt to tell the government what we want it to do or not do.

Can any government be: "By the people, for the people and of the people?" No! Of course not! Government's main purpose is to control the slaves and collect the taxes to enable it to continue and to enable the Elite to live in luxury without working.

Whosoever controls money ... controls government!

Whosoever controls government ... controls the people!

PIS is the best answer I've seen yet! So let's quit the bullshit and get down to the nitty-gritty of some ways to get Personal Independence. When you get some PI you can say "Piss on it!" to a lot of this crap. It will take us a while to get total PI but we can each grab a little more PI as we figure out ways to get it. We can share the little tricks we learn with each other and thus accelerate our evolution into Free Independent Beings (FIB's). Every trick we learn gets us a little freer.

Beat the System!

We can use the Profit/Wage System to beat the P/WS.

As I've said before:

1. get rid of your mass media because it is the umbilical cord that connects you to the mind-conditioners
2. get rid of your credit cards
3. get rid of your debts
4. learn ways to save money
5. invest it in something you have some expertise in and can control
6. don't buy entertainment
7. entertain yourself; by learning more, to earn more.
8. then very soon you'll have enough surplus money to drop-out for a while and have the free time to figure things out for yourself. You are a whole lot smarter than you think!
9. if you have kids ... home school them so they won't develop slave mentalities like you and I did. See LFP #122 about Swiss schooling.
10. when you need more money you can drop-back-in and make some more. It gets easier once you learn how.

Start Your PU

This PIS all boils down to the here and now living in the P/WS.

To get your PU started:

1. keep track of every penny you take in and every penny you spend
2. try to find a way to increase your income
3. try to figure out which expenses you can live without, so that you can start saving some money from whatever income you have now
4. try to figure out how to get rid of all your debts. recent back issues of LFP have more suggestions
5. operate on a strict cash basis. Don't charge anything or take out any loans
6. buy no processed food. buy or raise the ingredients and prepare it yourself (it's fun!)
7. subscribe to papers that give tips on how to save money or write your own underground paper on the subject
8. get some free time to do the above by selling your TV and VCR and stop buying the newspaper

FIB's Do It Better

With my hand powered grain grinder (Corona, Landers & CIA.S.A. made in Columbia, S.A. I wish someone would send me the distributors address in or near Salt Lake City, UT) I grind oat groats, field corn or wheat for my breakfast cooked cereals. It tastes better, is more nutritious, is fresher and is about ten times cheaper than packaged cereals.

I often buy two pounds of hamburger, make it into patties and fry one and put the rest into freezer bags and freeze them. When thawed out they taste as good as fresh meat.

When I lived in the woods without electricity, I fried all the meat patties and sealed them up in 1/2 pint canning jars. I had the jars in boiling water before I filled them to kill most of the germs. I had buried a cooler about a foot below the surface and my food kept a little longer there. The patties would keep about 5 or six days before they spoiled. There are many little tricks we can learn if we tell our little old minds to get to work for our FIB. It is doubtful that you will learn PI in front of your bubby-tube, from a tape or a CD.

About the only spices I use are salt and pepper. There is no food that I have to hide the flavor of, in order to eat it, although I sometimes put catsup on french fries. Force of habit, I guess.

I've taught my taste buds to learn to enjoy the natural flavor of whatever food I'm eating. So I don't need expensive spices. I don't think that there is any food that I dislike. You can do wonders with your mind. It is a gradual process. If you don't like a food, you just have it once in a while and as you eat it try to identify its own individual flavor. After a while you'll actually enjoy that individual flavor. It makes food buying a lot easier and cheaper when you like all foods. Then in your PU you won't become extinct like the dinosaur.

Just look at the kids today who have been brain-washed by the media to only desire pop and pizza and some other expensive garbage. Do they put addictive chemicals into these foods like they put cocaine in 5 cent bottles of Coca Cola 60 years ago? My, my. How the price of cocaine has gone up.

Do you suppose some of the additives in the foods today are addictive, especially in pizza?

Dissimilar Foods

I've also learned another trick with foods from some health food books I've read. That is not to have dissimilar foods at the same meal. A variety of foods confuses the different enzyme glands and digestion does not get properly completed, so one must eat a lot more to get satisfied.

My main meal at noon is only meat with just salt and pepper and no beverage. Because I don't do a lot of physical hard labor I only seem to need about a fourth to a third of a pound of beef at a meal. I need a little more of the white meats. I don't feel hungry after this meal either. Perhaps my stomach has shrunk. I must be getting enough to eat because I'm healthy and have about 10 pounds of excess fat.

My sympathy goes out to the folks who have been brain washed to be afraid to eat meat, when I bite into a juicy sizzling T-bone steak. Meat gives one the back-bone of courage needed to go against convention and seek Freedom and to believe in their own ability to learn to take care of them self.

At supper time I usually cook a vegetable or eat some fruit. Sometimes I make stew or soup. I have my coffee and sweets in-between meals. Occasionally I have a regular kind of meal if I eat out, but not very often. This kind of diet has kept me healthy for the last twenty years or so. My body requires a lot less with this diet because it is able to utilize more of it. You don't learn this kind of stuff from the mass media. Why? Because it wouldn't sell many products!

My Life

After I finally got that used glass, to repair my storm windows, I got the job done and all the storms put in place. I didn't bother to wash them, nor the mobile home windows. I can still see out. That's good enough for me.

Cutting old glass is a little tricky and I wasn't as careful as I could have been and broke two pieces while cutting it. In two storms I put two pieces of glass in each and put some glue and wide Scotch tape on the joint. You can hardly tell. Someday I'll find some free glass and do a proper job.

I had bought some shrink-plastic film to put over the inside of the windows at a rummage sale for about 1/4th the new price, so I put that on too. The more trapped air spaces one can make over a window, the better it holds the heat indoors. In my mobile home the storm windows are on the inside of the trailer. I glued a 1"x1/8" strip of wood around the parameter of the storm frames to create a one inch thick air space. I applied the plastic over this. Then I shrank all the wrinkles out with a hair dryer. That should help lower my heating bill this winter.

With that job done I bought a fishing license. I was unable to locate a reasonably priced boat and trailer or find a good used fishing rod. Yesterday I was ready to buy a new fishing rod until I remembered seeing the river frozen up already. So now I'll soon need a short ice fishing stick instead. That will be cheaper.

Fun Time

I have written that I have 24 hours of free time each day to have fun. It is true, but I get caught up in doing my routine things and seldom ask myself what I could do to have fun. So I seldom actually have fun. I am contented with my life, but I don't often feel joyous. I can see that that is my own fault. Today I'm going to make a note on my daily schedule to figure out something fun to do today -- and do it.

I drove to Minneapolis the other day when I was trying to think of something to do to make me happy. I got over my blues on the two hour drive. I had lunch with a friend, shopped at the co-op grocery and did some dumpster diving. Found 2 refrigerator shelves to use for cookie racks, a dust mop and a glass two quart bottle. I always dump the milk out of the cardboard carton and put it into a plastic container, otherwise it soon tastes like cardboard. Glass will be better.


I'm contented but I'm going to focus my time for a while on becoming HAPPY. I'll try to devote the whole day to this pursuit. Not for the good of the world, this trailer or grandson. Just for little old me! How selfish can I get? I'll try and see!!! If everyone did this, there would be no one out there trying to cause trouble or that needed fixing.

I'll take some quiet thinking time right now, before breakfast and see what I can think of to make me happy.

I can take a look at the condition of my cuticles to gauge my present tension and stress levels.


What would be fun for me to do this afternoon?

1. read a novel
2. go fishing
3. bake bread
4. drive to St. Cloud for a vacuum cleaner impeller
5. do more work on fish stick
6. take a walk and buy nails
7. make a nut cracker
8. read National Geographic
9. have cookies and ice cream
10. make ham-hock and bean stew
(Do you see how us drop-outs can control our time, better? We don't have a job that interferes with our plans.)

I made this list of things that might be fun to do and tried a few and I think I had fun. I was doing some things I wanted to do. I walked to Marv's Wood shop and looked in his free wood-scrap box. I got some wood scraps and made a box and mallet for cracking nuts and made a fishing stick. Very good jobs. I made a smoked ham-hock stew with navy beans, onions, garlic and potatoes. It turned out delicious and pleasurable on a number nine level! I have enough left over for four more meals that will only need to be warmed up. Do all old men get lazy? So I feel really good about myself this evening, even though grandson is not very communicative today. I let that be his problem -- not mine.

Ham-hock Stew

Thanksgiving Day. Today, I'm going to try again to think of fun things to do. Yesterday I made an uninspired list of things I thought would be fun to do. None of them rang a bell when I wrote them down. I studied the list and one item looked a little more promising than the rest. So I did it. As I got into it, I put all my attention into it. I felt good doing it. When I finished it, I did feel quite satisfied with my work and had a little extra good feeling. This happened with three projects; making an ice fishing stick, a nut cracking box and mallet and making and tasting the ham-hock stew.

I don't know if that was happiness or not. I don't rate it as high as joy. Maybe happiness needs to be rated on a scale of one to ten. Ten being the height that brings tears of joy? This is something that will take lots more thought and experimentation to understand better.

I have always just noticed that my FIB either felt good, felt nothing or felt bad.

I hope I can remember to focus on my feelings (emotions) and be able to determine what level I'm at; any time I ask myself the question, "What level, between one and ten on the happiness scale, am I at right now?" Then it will be up to me to remain at that level or learn how to change that. I'll try to learn not to be dependent on the circumstances but on my ability to change those circumstances or else I'll change my "thinking" about them.

What is happiness?

Is happiness a feeling (an emotion)? Does it contain other positive emotions, such as feeling:

assertive, bold, carefree, clear, compassionate, concerned, considerate, conspicuous, decided, definite, determined, dramatic, earnest, ecstatic, effective, effervescent, eminent, empathic, energetic, enthusiastic, excited, expressive, forceful, fulfilled, heavy, important, insistent, intelligent, intense, light, love, passionate, peaceful, pleasurable, positive, powerful, rapturous, resourceful, satisfied, sensitive, sensuous, sentimental, special, strong, superior, sympathetic, thrilled, vigorous, vital, etc.

Does unhappiness contain negative emotions, such as feeling:

agitated, anger, anxious, depression, disturbed, dogmatic, dumb, fear, frantic, hate, hopeless, hysterical, impotent, inferior, insensitive, insignificant, muddled, negative, nervous, non-effective, sadness, sorrow, stressed, suffer, temperamental, tense, terror, undecided, upset, weak, etc. These emotions are "thoughts" that we believe at certain moments.

Is happiness then a collection of emotions that are of a positive nature to the person doing the thinking?

Are these emotions just thoughts we have about something, someone or about our self?

We can change our thoughts, therefore we can change how we feel, i.e., we can change our emotions.

Is happiness just a basket containing one or more positive feelings?

Is happiness just the degree of feeling (from one to ten) we have about a positive feeling (emotion) we are experiencing at the moment?

Is happiness merely the measure of the intensity of an emotion?

Maybe instead of asking myself if I'm happy at any given moment, I should ask myself, "What degree (from 1-10) of happiness am I experiencing from this feeling (emotion) of love I got right now?"

Would it be less complicated to just say, "How good do I feel about this love I'm experiencing right now, on a scale of 1-10?" I could then define happiness as, "feeling good" about an emotion.

Even if I had a lot of big words at my command to describe happiness, I doubt if I would understand happiness any better.

The same thing could be asked about my negative emotions. I could ask myself, "How angry or how muddled do I feel, on a scale of 1-10?"

If I would take the time to do this once in a while, it would wake-up my FIB to where I'm at and give me the opportunity to change that feeling or to intensify it.

I'm sure that some people will think these discoveries of mine about happiness are on a very young child level of intelligence. And so they are. They are ideas that should have been taught me when I was a child. But here I am a grandfather at age 68, just struggling to learn about myself. I find happiness at about a #7 level in discovering these thoughts about defining happiness.


I guess these thoughts on happiness would be a part of the Personal Independence System. We would wish to be happy even in the PIS that we create.

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