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You Will Be a Tax Expert

About This Course:

This course consists of six parts, all available right here and totally FREE!

This is not a course on how to complete income tax forms.

You'll be able to TALK BACK to ridiculous tax pundits who jabber on TV news shows. EMBARRASS your enemies by pointing out their confusions about what taxes are best or worst. HELP your friends to see what makes some taxes wise, some foolish, and some just plain dangerous.

In order to keep track of how many people take the course, we do ask everyone to please do two things. First, register your name and email address. Then we will send you your very own password so you can access the course material! (Neither your name nor email address will be retained.) Second, please agree to fill out a brief course evaluation form even if you do not complete the lessons. We need your feedback so we can improve!

Each part of the course should take about ten minutes.

We recommend that you don't do more than one part per day. Give things a little time to sink in. Your best bet is to let a day or two go by between doing each part of the course.

This is not a course on how to complete income tax forms.

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NOTE: Some places seem to be advertising this course inaccurately. If you are looking for a long, academic course, or for a course in how to comply with tax laws, this course will not cover those subjects. This is a course that shows you the key PRINCIPLES of tax policy. It is for your understanding, your empowerment, and your fun.

If you are expecting something different, then you probably should not take this informal course.

P.S. This is not a course on how to fill out tax forms.


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